Goals For The Rest of 2018

I can’t believe that we’re not the far from the end of the year and looking back on 2018 so far it’s been one of the best years i’ve had in a few years as I finally feel happy and as if i’m slowly finding my feet in the adulting world. Having said that there are so many thing I still want to achieve in life but I thought i’d set myself a few goals for the rest of 2018 as I love setting myself goals to complete, so why not set a few to achieve over the next 6 weeks!

Looking back at the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year i’ve actually managed to achieve pretty much all of those goals which I set out in the post and I think i’ve managed to achieve these because they weren’t ridiculous goals and were more realistic to me and where I was at the beginning of the year. I’d now say i’m in a completely different head space and i’ve learnt a lot of lessons this year, which i’m planning to talk about more in a future post but here are a few goals I want to achieve before the end of the year.

Get Back To The Gym

Since coming back from Greece i’ve definitely not been as dedicated with my fitness as I was before, but I have still been going a couple of times a week which has been enough for me and my headspace as I use the gym as a massive stress reliever. Going into winter, for me it’s the time where I hit the gym hard because I do find winter to be harder for my mental health, why i’m not so sure but i’m vowing to myself to get back into a routine with it over the next few weeks in order to set myself back up for the winter workouts.

Be More Aware of The Planet

This ones a bit of an odd goal for me as i’ve never really thought about or considered my carbon footprint before, but after watching Stacey Dooley Investigates back in October is really rang home for me as I work in the fashion industry and even I didn’t know about some of the things highlighted. From this i’ve definitely been thinking more about what I can do and i’m not saying i’m a saint but i’ve began with little things like cutting my shower times, turning off lights that don’t need to be on and making sure i’m recycling things that can be recycled.

Another thing I didn’t know is that a lot of wrapping paper at Christmas isn’t recyclable and I feel so naive for not knowing this, total millennial mind set or what?! So this Christmas i’m going to be wrapping all of my presents in brown paper, which I have done for the past few years anyway but this year i’m doing it as a conscious effort to help cut down on waste at Christmas.

Cut Down on Screen Time

Anyone else been tracking their screen time with the latest iOS update because i’m shocked that over a 7 day period I spend 24 hours of that scrolling through Instagram, and for what?! I’ve already began setting myself downtime so I can’t access the majority of my apps throughout the day at work but of a weekend I am terrible. For example the day before I typed up this post I spent 7 hours on my phone, 7 whole hours and I couldn’t tell you what I got out of it. So i’m going to try to really get off my phone more but honestly the struggle is real.

Make Some Memories

As I mentioned in my life update post a couple of weeks ago i’m off to Amsterdam at the end of the month and i’m so excited as i’ve never been and I love nothing more than travelling, and making memories in new places. Also over the festive period I really want to get out and experience more of the wonderful things my local city puts on during the Christmas months, instead of spending my weekends hungover and regretting my entire life.

What goals are you setting yourself for the remainder of the year?