A Few Festive Gifts

So it’s my first post back after the Christmas holidays and I had planned to post a few more posts before Christmas, however I ended up being really busy in the run up to Christmas. However I thought the best post to come back with would be my ‘what I got for Christmas’ style post and share with you a few lovely gifts that I received this year.


Continue reading to see what lovely gifts I received this Christmas!

This Christmas I hadn’t really any clue of what I wanted as i’ve recently come to realise that I already own pretty much everything a girl needs and i’m kind of over the unnecessary purchasing (although you try restraining me whenever Gymshark have a new release *eye roll*) however as Christmas got a little closer I managed to think of a few things i’d wanted/needed for a while.

Starting with the most obvious, beauty gifts! The only beauty gift i’d asked for was the Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette (£39.50) of which i’d waited off ordering for such a long time until i’d tried a work colleagues at our Christmas party and from them I knew that i’d get a lot of use out of this palette, and i’m beyond excited to use this! Another gift that my Mum very kindly got me was an Electric Brush Cleaner (£15.99) of which I hadn’t asked for but it another product i’d put off ordering. I haven’t used this as of yet however i’m beyond excited to use this and see how well it actually cleans my brushes!

Continuing on the beauty gifts and as i’m sure a fair few of you do, I always receive a few gifts sets whether it be bath and body or makeup. This year our family decided to do a secret santa meaning that we cut down on the unnecessary spending and everyone got a lovely gift. My secret santa did really well with mine as they got me the Beauticology Luxury Tray Gift Set (£25) and I absolutely love the Beauticology products as they smell absolutely incredible!

A few other bits and bobs I received for Christmas included, a new Sandisk 64gb Memory Card (£25.67) because my current one is so temperamental and I was just in need of a new one! I also asked for a GraceFitUK Peach Resistance Band (£14) as i’ve seen so much hype over her products and being a long term follower of hers I really wanted to see how these could aid my workouts going into 2019.

Finally a few miscellaneous gifts that I couldn’t note share with you because they made me laugh. From my work secret santa they very kindly got me a Flamingo ‘Hun’ Candle (£10) which sums me up perfectly as I say ‘hun’ far too much! My bestie also got me this hilarious ‘U Ok Hun?’ Card Holder (£6) from ASOS, however it seems to be sold out but I had seen this previously not knowing she had already bought me this and I love it! Last but not least my Dad got me the yearly gift of a personalised Marmite Jar (£5.49) which has become a yearly tradition between us.

So those are a few gifts that I received this year from my lovely family, friends and work colleagues!

How was your Christmas’s? What gifts did you get?