Fitness Over The Festive Period

As part of my goals for the rest of the year (which you can read all about here) I mentioned that getting back into the gym was something I wanted to work on before the new year, and I thought it would make the perfect post to share some tips on how i’m keeping up my fitness game during the festive period.

Now don’t get me wrong I am 100% going to enjoy the festive period and not limit myself when it comes to food, alcohol and socialising, as I have always made sure to enjoy myself during my fitness journey but I also don’t want to undo everything i’ve worked towards over the past year or so. So here are a few ways that i’m keeping myself motivated over the festive period, whilst also enjoying this time of year!

Scheduling Fitness Around Plans

Over the next few weeks i’m pretty booked up in terms of plans with most weekends consisting of food and drinks with my nearest and dearest, so knowing what plans I have i’m ensuring to figure out how I can still go to the gym around those plans. For some the easiest option is gyming in the morning before work and getting ready at the gym, or gyming prior to plans of an evening and again getting ready at the gym. Most gyms nowadays have showers available for users to use and I often take advantage of using them as my gym is very central. A product that i’ve been using recently which makes showering at the gym so easy is the Fit Kit Post Exercise Shower Gels* (£2.99) of which are so handy as I just leave them in my gym bag and they really help to soothe your muscles are a hard session.

Shorter But Harder Sessions

Often I find that my most productive gym sessions are the shorter ones where I really power through a gruelling session. My favourite kind of shorter but just as hard sessions are HIIT style sessions as they are bloody hard, but you can easily do a 20-30 minute session and still burn as many calories. I’ve recently been following the Busybee’s Gym Shape Up Vo.1 Guide (£15) of which has an amazing mix of upper and lower body sessions, but also has some gruelling HIIT sessions that leave me dead after each session.

Switch Things Up

I know some gyms over the festive period close or have shorter hours (thank goodness most gyms are open 24 hours) or you just can’t sometimes get to the gym, so one thing I like to do is go for a quick 10 minute run around my local area or opt for home workouts! Nowadays there is so much free content out there from influencers across many platforms that you’ll no doubt find some easy at home workouts where you need little to no equipment.

Remember to Enjoy Yourself

Lastly the one thing I keep reminding myself is that there always has to be balance in all aspects of life and that of course includes fitness and just remembering to enjoy yourself, and not be too hard on yourself.


How are you sticking to your fitness goals over the festive period?