How I’m Staying Organised in 2019

I like to think i’m quite an organised person especially with a major part of my job role being admin based, however when it comes to my personal organisation it can sometimes suffer during busy periods however so far this year I feel like i’m bossing the organised life, and I thought i’d share some organisation tips with you to help you stay organised through 2019.


Here are a few of my top tips for keeping yourself organised and in check.

Get Yourself a Diary

For me i’ve always sucked at keeping a diary and last year I made it my mission to get a diary and stick to it, however come March that fully went out the window (lol what a fail). So fast forward to 2019 and i’m making it my mission to do what I failed at last year and so far i’m doing really well. So much so that i’ve become quite reliant on my diary and I find checking it everyday, filling in what i’ve done each day and as soon as i’ve made any plans I jot them down straight away. It’s a great way to keep track of plans, appointments and just general day to day errands that you sometimes let slip, and even if like me you suck at having a diary it makes you look and feel organised! Whether you get yourself a diary you carry around or make use of printable calendars like these that you can stick to your wall, any kind of diary will help to keep you on track.

Make Realistic ‘To Do’ Lists

To do lists are my favourite thing for when i’m trying to be more organised but I do sometimes find I make them so unrealistic that I know i’m never going to tick everything off that I need to do in my allocated time. So recently i’ve been assessing everything I want to get done and then prioritising the things I need to do, and anything I know isn’t as important or can roll into the next day goes to the bottom of the list and if I do manage to get those done then everyones a winner.

Set Aside Time to Stay Organised

One thing i’ve found that has really helped to keep myself organised recently is seeing where i’ve got a bit of free time within the week to keep on top of my organisation. For example if I know one evening of the week i’m not going to the gym and instead of scrolling endlessly through social media I give myself an hour or so to do a few things on my to do list or to do things that I never get chance to do like backing up my phone or hard drive. I know it sounds completely obvious but sometimes just an hour of putting your phone down and avoiding any distractions can really help set you up for the rest of the week.

The Reminders App Should Be Your Best Friend

One app that comes on an iPhone that I make use out of (yes stocks app i’m hatin’ on you) is the Reminders app and to be honest it has saved my ass so many times. It’s fab if you need to remember to get a birthday card or, one I rely on it heavily for is when we’re having a buffet at work because let’s be real you don’t want to be that person who doesn’t bring anything to a buffet. It’s so simple to use and i’ve got so many people onto the reminders app who didn’t even know it existed!

So those are a few of tips on how to stay a little more organised through 2019!

How do you stay organised?

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