How I’ve Stayed Sunkissed Through Winter

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For anyone who has fair skin like myself, then you’ll understand the struggle that we have in not being able to develop a natural tan. Now I’m all for embracing what you’ve got and some people love having fair skin, however I just feel so much better with a bit of colour to my skin. I wanted to share with you my thoughts on a tan i’ve been trialling recently as i’ve tried and tested so many tans and this one hands down has been my favourite so far for making me look sunkissed.

bali body

Bali Body are a brand i’ve seen a lot of over the past year with the help of social media as i’ve seen it all over my Instagram feed, and rightly so because their tanning oils and SPF products are amazing especially if you’re someone who can develop a natural tan. For those of us who sadly can’t they’ve recently launched their Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse* (£25.95) which comes in a dark shade that has been developed to be streak free and it doesn’t have that nasty fake tan smell we all love to hate.

The product itself I use in the same way I use all self tanning mousse style products, by applying this using a tan mit all over my body (minus my face) and leaving it on overnight to develop, and then rinsing off in the morning leaving my body with a beautiful bronzed glow. For some this may sound way too long to leave tan on, but this tan is formulated to develop depending on your skin tone and I find the first layer to be just right for me but you can obviously build this up my applying more layers. (See images below of showing my before and after one application).

For me I bloody love this tan. It applies like an absolute dream and you can instantly see the tan beginning to develop during application meaning you can see where you have and haven’t applied the tan. With all self tans I would recommend wearing loose clothing and if you’re sleeping with this tan on, wear loose fitting PJ’s that cover the tan to stop it transferring onto your sheets as it can ever so slightly come off, as all tans do from time to time. Once i’ve showered and removed the excess tan I find that it leaves my skin with an amazing level of colour, so much so that I don’t need to apply another layer for a second night so if any last minute plans come up I know i’m good to go!

The tan itself is by far the best i’ve tried in terms of how it lasts on my skin as it fades so evenly but I find it takes a good week for it to fully wash off which is incredible as most self tanners i’ve tried have faded after just a couple of days. I also love that the formula is jam packed with natural oils designed to hydrate the skin as this doesn’t irritate my skin like a lot of  tans have in the past. From cystic acne to the driest/itchiest skin i’ve ever experienced but this is absolutely incredible at keeping your skin nourished.

If like me you love fake tanning through the colder months and you’re looking for a new fake tan, i’d 100% recommend checking this on!

What are your favourite self tanners?

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