A Face Tanner That Actually Works

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For as long as i’ve been fake tanning, never have I found a face tan that actually works without leaving my face looking like a streaky mess. This was until a little something something from the team at Bali Body appeared on my desk at work and I thought to myself ‘well if this works, then it’ll be a miracle’ and they do say miracles do happen every once in a while!

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For as long as I can remember i’d always been warned off using fake tan on my face but being the rebel that I was when I was younger I decided to ignore everyone’s fair warnings and boy should I of listened, because I experienced some of the worst tango’ed face horros you can imagine. Since then i’ve kind of kept away from applying tan to my face as I also found tan really reacted with my skin and would leave me some of the worst breakouts i’ve ever experienced (Bondi Sands I am talking about you) and instead just stuck to mixing darker foundations into my everyday foundation to make my face match my neck.

I’ve heard of and have been recommended a fair few products that are great at tanning the face, but with that came some hefty prices tags that I couldn’t ever justify for a product i’d never tried before and had heard major mixed reviews. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when the Bali Body Face Tan Water* (£25.95) arrived on my desk, and although skeptical I went home that night and gave it a go, and to my surprise I was amazed at the results.

As the name would suggest, this is a water based product which is different to your typical fake tan mousse’s and oils, and as it’s designed to be used on your face it has been made to be applied in a similar way to how you’d apply a toner, or for a more bronzed look you can mix in with your mosturiser. I decided to go down the toner style of applying by pumping a few pumps onto a cotton pad and applying all over my face after cleansing. I’d then leave this overnight in a similar way to how I let fake tan develop and then wash off in the morning.

After the first application I noticed a slight difference in the colour level and it had given my face a light but lovely skin kissed look, however this product is definitely one that builds over a few applications to achieve your desired colour. Similarly to most face tan’s i’ve read about, this doesn’t last like your typical body fake tan would and does come off a lot quicker through face cleansing, but I think that’s to be expected especially with our fancy 5 step minimum skincare routines!

Finally just to say, all in all i’ve been really impressed with this face tan so far and is definitely one i’d highly recommend especially for someone like myself who suffers with sensitive and acne prone skin, so far i’ve not had any breakouts or unwanted blemishes. So if you’re worried about trying a face tanner for that matter alone, i’d really recommend trying this face tanner out!

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