Staying Positive Through Stressful Times

For me positivity isn’t something that comes naturally to me and I am definitely what you call a ‘negative Nancy’ at the best of times, however it is one thing I’m working to get better towards and to try to look on the brighter side of life. Having said that, during stressful or busy periods I find my negativity to be somewhat heightened especially more so recently and I thought in keeping my content relative to my life that i’d share some things i’ve been putting into practise to stay positive through stressful times.

‘When you think positive, good things happen’

We all go through stressful times, whether that be within our relationships/friendships or in terms of career and half the time you look back and think ‘why was I even stressing about that?!’ but we all do it and there is nothing wrong with that. So here are a few things i’ve been doing recently to help curb my stress and stay as positive as I can.

Getting Out In The Fresh Air

One thing I find often helps during stressful periods is to somewhat remove yourself from the environment in which is stressing you out if at all possible, and just get some breathing space. Whether it means popping out during your lunch break to get out of the office or going for a nice country weekend walk to get some fresh air to take your mind off things. I find it really helps to completely switch off from or to get away from any negative vibes around you, and you can’t beat a bit of fresh air to help brighten your mood.

Get Active and Release Your Stress

Ever since I started going to the gym regularly I soon learnt that exercise really helps to release any stress i’m dealing with. Whether its a light cardio session or a heavy weights session, I find it just helps to take my mind off any stress i’m dealing with and it helps to blow off any steam prior to going home and taking any negativity home with me. I’ve also recently began tracking my steps and physical activity through a FitBit and even if you aren’t one for the gym, it’s a great way to turn your attention to something positive. Even little things like reaching 5,000 steps instantly perks my mood!

Treat Yourself to a Mid-week Pamper

Sometimes during stressful periods I love nothing more than coming home, running myself a bath and whacking a face mask on. A friend of mine recently introduced me to the Garnier Moisture Bomb Eye Tissue Mask (£2.99) which is an amazing under eye mask that cools and soothes your under eye area. I often find during stressful times that I can look and feel so much more tired, and sitting with these on whilst having a bath or catching up on Emmerdale instantly refreshes and make me look more awake. (As I type this blog post, i’m wearing some of these!)

Jot It all Down

Another thing I find really helpful with letting go of any stress is to jot it down, kind of like you would with a diary. Now i’ve never kept a diary as such but I know some friends who have since from a very young age and still take the time to write everything down, and i’ve heard many say it really helps to clear their mind. One of my besties recently sent me this amazing notepad all the way from New Zealand it just sums up my life and this entire blog post! So get yourself a cute notebook/journal and get writing!

Let Your Hair Down with Your Besties

Now I’m not saying that going out and getting absolutely blind drunk is what you have to do, whatever floats your boat but sometimes putting all of your stresses to one side and having a good old laugh with your friends isn’t ever gonna hurt. Whether it’s a night in with a takeaway and the cheesiest chick flicks, or it is getting blind drunk and having a good dance, you’ll find that all of your stresses are soon forgotten!

How to stay positive through stressful times?