4 Things That Have Made Me Happy Recently

As we’re officially into May, I thought i’d hit off the month with a somewhat happy and positive post sharing with you some things that have recently made me happy. I often don’t share that much personal content on here and if i’m honest not a lot has changed in my life to warrant any sort of update, but i’ve definitely been putting a more positive mind into practise and i’ve definitely had some happy moments to celebrate as of late.

2019 so far has been the most stressful and expensive year to date, but it has also been the most rewarding year in terms of my happiness and i’ve been purely living to make some amazing memories to look back on, but to also look forward to. So here are four things that have made me happy recently.

Booking Rome for August

Rome is a place i’ve always wanted to visit having visited Italy a couple of times with work and absolutely loved the culture, so one of my best pals and I have booked to spend 4 days in Rome over the August bank holiday. I honestly couldn’t more excited to be exploring more of Europe as it’s somewhere i’ve wanted to experience more of and hopefully over the next few years i’ll of ticked more of Europe off my travel bucket list.
If you have any recommendations of places to go whilst in Rome, be sure to drop it in the comments!

Got back on track with fitness

For the past few months i’ve kind of been up and down in terms of fitness, and much to my disappointment my weight is edging closer to where it was prior to losing the weight I did last year (although i’m convinced some of the weight gain is muscle) but having said that, i’ve really been upping things in terms of fitness and i’m finally beginning to feel back on track. I’ve begun adding more cardio and HIIT into my workouts to help trim down a little but i’ve also been getting in some great weight sessions, so i’m excited to see what I can achieve over the next couple of months.

Weekend Get away to Plymouth

Over the Easter bank holiday I spent some time to visit my Dad in Plymouth, as i’d not seen him since Christmas and it’s kind of tradition to visit over the Easter break. It was so nice to see my Dad and to spend some time with him, but it was also really nice to have a little break from home, work and to have some much needed chill time in the beautiful sunshine! Also whilst in Plymouth I had a lovely catch up with Nicole, a fellow blogger but also great friend of mine and we enjoyed a beautiful breakfast at The Waterfront. If you’re visiting Plymouth over the coming months, i’d recommend visiting as the views are absolutely stunning!

Spring Shopping has begun

With all the above things i’ve mentioned and with the weather beginning to get nicer i’ve began adding a few new bits into my wardrobe for spring and for my upcoming holidays. Not only am I visiting Rome in August but I am also having a much needed holiday to Tenerife in July just before my 26th birthday, and I cannot wait! I live to dress in summer as it’s a lot less boring that the jeans and jumpers I live in during the Winter!

What things have made you happy recently?