A Few Beauty Bits I’m Loving For Spring

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It’s been a while since i’ve shared a seasonal style beauty picks post, purely because I have found myself a good yet staple makeup routine where I rarely swap or switch out products. Having said that I have found myself using a few different products now that the weather has perked up a bit for Spring and I thought it would make for a good yet classic post from me.

Here are a few new additions for the Spring season…

When it comes to the warmer months I do find I often begin to reach for a few different products, especially as I find my skin changes as we reach the warmer months and I find I love a much more glowy look. So here are a few additions i’ve recently added into my daily rotation now that we’re into Spring!

Firstly let’s talk about fake tan because tanning, although is something I do all year round during the Spring and Summer months i’m more on it as i’m more likely to be getting my legs out on a daily basis. Having said that, fake tanning my face/neck has always been a struggle and trying to match my foundation to the rest of my body to sometimes be a bit of a nightmare. Enter the Bali Body Face Tanning Water* (£25.95) and this exact problem has completely disappeared. If you missed my review on this then you can read it here, but essentially it is a tanning water that you apply as you would a toner and over a few applications it builds a lovely colour without your face looking like a tangoed disaster!

Another product I use all year round is highlight, however during the winter months I like to keep this a little more subtle (other than for night out glam) and one product I always come back to is the Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter (£30). I remember when there was such a major hype around this highlighter, however I feel like not many people rave about this as much anymore. Either way it’s an amazing highlighter, one that would suit any skin tone and just pops!

A product area that I am always rotating in summer is fragrance, however with fragrance can come a pretty price tag especially if it’s a perfume you may not have smelt before. This where ScentAddict from The Fragrance Shop comes in so handy as it allows you to trial fragrances prior to purchasing for a fraction of the price. Essentially this is a subscription service, where you select a number of fragrances that you’d like to try and each month you are sent a tester size of the fragrance to try out for just £12 a month! So far i’ve received Paco Rabanne Lady Million and Giorgio Armani Si Intense, two fragrances i’ve wanted to try for such a long time but haven’t had the chance to and it’s been amazing to try the fragrance prior to purchasing the full bottle. If like me you love fragrances and are wanting to try before you buy the full size product, then i’d 100% recommend trying out this amazing service!

Moving onto skincare and typically I find my skin is less dry as we move into the warmer months but at the same time i’ve kind of got my cleansing routine down to a T and I don’t want mess around with it too much as it can be very temperamental. Having said that, I do like to use an oil balm style cleanser here and there, and the Clarins Take The Day Off Balm (£24) is one I always come back to! Out of all of the oil based cleansers i’ve tried, this one is so gentle on my skin and I find I rarely have any time of reaction this. One i’d really recommend if you don’t want to go for a full on oil cleanser.

What products have you recently began using now the weather has perked up?