Fitness: A Month of Using a FitBit Charge 2

For some time now i’ve been thinking of investing is some sort of device that tracked my steps, calories etc essentially to learn a little bit more about my daily exercise, but I also didn’t want to waste money on something that I inevitably use for a month and never used again. So i’ve done just that, with a little bit of help from my Mum’s FitBit that was sat collecting dust, i’ve been tracking my daily exercise for a month and I thought i’d share with you what i’ve learnt.

Been thinking of getting a FitBit? Keep reading to hear my thoughts!

Now i’m not a massive fitness freak in the sense that I don’t track my food down to the last calorie and I do eat what I want essentially, but I do also try to make conscious food choices and I do try to get myself in the gym 3-4 times a week dependent on how busy I am that week. For me I just feel better when i’m more active and with a few holidays coming up I do want to trim down ever so slightly back to the weight I was last summer just so I feel that little extra confident, and using a tracking device is kind of the starting point to help further track my daily exercise.
(Side note: This is just for my personal confidence and I am in no way saying anyone has to lose weight because they’re going on holiday).

Setting Up & Syncing with FitBit App

So first things first you have you set up your FitBit via the app, and for me this was somewhat difficult as there are so many different type of FitBit’s and stupid me didn’t have a clue which FitBit I had so make sure you know prior to setting up else it’ll take a little longer to set up. Once i’d finally managed to sync my FitBit it was quite easy to set up. You have to fill in a couple of things such as age, height, weight and from that you then set your weekly goals. These goals include how many steps you take each day and how much sleep you’d like to be getting each night, just as a couple of examples, but essentially you can set many other goals.

FitBit App

The FitBit app itself is pretty easy to use once you’ve had a little play with getting used to its features and figuring out the different things you’d like to track, but all in all I don’t have too many complaints about it and so far i’ve found it a great way to track my daily activities. Personally I use this app to track my daily steps and to understand on average how many calories I burn within my workouts. I also find the app great for understanding how I sleep as I had been tracking my sleep using a different app prior to using my FitBit, and I do find I sleep a lot better knowing how I sleep.

Below i’ve listed a few pro’s and con’s based on my personal experience with the FitBit, of which I hope helps if you’re considering getting a FitBit.


– Very user friendly and would be easy for any age group to use.
– Constantly syncs and updates via Bluetooth, meaning that no data is lost whilst the app isn’t in use.
– Great for motivating you to move more, especially as it buzz’s every so often if you’ve not moved in a while.
– Battery lasts a good 5-7 days so you don’t have to stress about charging it everyday.
– Great for females you want to track their cycle, however I personally don’t due to my contraception.


– It doesn’t automatically track all activity. For example, uphill walks on a treadmill it doesn’t track steps accurately.
– You have to tell your FitBit that you’re exercising, otherwise it doesn’t track it as accurately as logging the exercise afterwards.
– The FitBit itself can be a little uncomfortable but I have found i’ve adjusted to it and it doesn’t irritate me as me as it used to.

What I’ve Learnt

The main thing i’ve learnt from wearing my FitBit is that i’m more active than I thought I was. I do have to admit that without it I probably wouldn’t hit my 5,000 step goal everyday as it definitely motivates me to move that little bit more, but it has proven to me that I do move more than I thought I did and I burn a lot more calories than I thought I did. I’ve also learnt a lot more about my sleeping patterns and how I feel so much more alert and awake if i’ve managed to get between 7-8 hours sleep each night.

Are FitBit’s Worth it?

Being a loyal Apple customer I was skeptical of how i’d get on with FitBit and although i’ve heard the Apple watch is much better in terms of tracking exercise, the FitBit does the job and for a much budget friendly price. I’d definitely recommend it if you, like myself want to learn a bit more about your daily activity but you don’t want to break the bank in doing so.

Have you got either a FitBit or Apple Watch? What are your experiences with activity trackers?