‘Trying’ To Be More Beauty Green

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As I’m sure a lot of you have seen, the recent world news about the Amazon rainforest is just devastating and it has really hit home for me, and it has really made me consider more of what I can do in order to help this world a little more. Although I’d say I try, in hindsight there is a lot more I could be doing in order to try to reduce my carbon footprint and go more green, so I thought I’d share how I’ve slowly been trying to introducing this into my beauty routine.

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Some tips on how you can go more green with your beauty routine..

I thought with the efforts I’ve been trying to make to go a little more green, it would be a great way to share with you the changes you too could make that you may not have considered before. Now I’m in no way saying I’m an expert but it is something I want to explore and talk more openly about on my blog, to hopefully open up a discussion/topic. Anywho, onto the ways in which I’ve been making more of a conscious effort and how you could too!

Swap Out The Cotton Pads

For me one area in which I notice my biggest ‘issue’ is when it comes to removing my makeup, as I use either makeup wipes or cotton pads as part of my daily cleansing routine. Now we all know that makeup wipes and cotton pads cannot be recycled due to their synthetic fibre content, which can take hundreds of years to break down in landfill, so opting for an alternative is the best option. For me I’ve been opting for reusable options of which can be washed, similarly to flannels. You may have seen a few people talking about Resuable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads (£11.99) which essentially work in the same way of a cotton pad, but what is great is that you can wash them and reuse them. I also find them to so much kinder to my skin as they are super soft and don’t irritate my eyes how cotton pads can do.

Opt for Biodegradable Products

Staying on the subject of makeup removal products and more specifically talking about makeup wipes, a few brands now have also jumped on the eco friendly bandwagon and are now producing makeup wipes of which are biodegradable! I’ve recently been trying out the Nivea Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes* (£3.29) of which are made from 100% renewable plant fibres allowing them to be completely biodegradable. What is also great is that they appear no different to your normal face wipe in terms of texture of performance, so really switching to a biodegradable option is a no brainer.

Go Cruelty Free

Now for me, currently I don’t typically look for products that are cruelty free but a large portion of the brands that I do use happen to be cruelty free and more brands are striving towards being cruelty free. However there are still a fair amount of brands who aren’t, especially brands who are stocked in China where it’s law for products to be tested on animals. Going forward, any new products that I purchase I am going to try to ensure these are cruelty free where possible as there are so many alternatives nowadays. Some of my favourite cruelty free brands include The Body Shop, Too Faced, Makeup Revolution & Urban Decay.

Recycle Where Possible

Something that shocked me is to find out that a large proportion of us Brits do not recycle used up bathroom products such as used shower gel, shampoo and conditioner bottles. Now obviously some packaging cannot be recycled, but a lot of packaging can. Similarly to kitchen recycling, most plastics can be recycled once used as long as they have been cleaned out. Also deodorant and hairspray cans are widely recycled and obviously any products made up of glass packaging (not including nail varnish or perfume) can also be recycled.

So those are the few things I’ve been introducing to try to be more green in terms of beauty. Obviously I still have a long way to go, but as the saying goes, every little helps and I hope to explore more brands/products through trying to go more green.

What ways are you trying to more green in terms of beauty/makeup?