Friendships, and Why Less is More

In my efforts of getting back into blogging a bit more regularly comes, wanting to talk about some different topics to my usual beauty style posts. One topic i’ve wanted to talk about for quite some time now is friendships, especially friendships in your twenties as it can be damn god hard to firstly find friendships but to then also keep those friendships going as you change and evolve.

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Let’s have a little natter about friendships!

For me, my friendships over the years have always chopped and changed and even looking back to when I was in school, college and uni I jumped from many different friendship groups throughout my education. It may sound sad to say but I only really keep in contact here and there with one or two friends from my years of education, but i’m pretty okay with that. I’ve always been one of those people who only gives my energy to those who actually give a sh*t about me, and I typically leave those who don’t behind, which is why I can also be quite ruthless when it comes to friendships that come to an end.

Moving into my twenties I definitely saw a transition in my friendships, with making friends through people I worked with and being introduced to new friendship groups, to kind of losing touch with some friends who either moved away for uni or I just grew apart from for one reason or another. I’m sure everyone can relate to this in some way and these things just happen. There often is no fall out or bad blood, but friendships can and do fizzle out especially as you’re growing up and changing.

fashion, outfit, friendships

Over the years i’ve had my fair share of friendships come to an end. Some through fall outs, some through growing apart and some through some people essentially not giving a sh*t about me or my feelings. And let’s be honest, why bother putting your energy into a friendship when all the other person does is make you feel pretty damn crap. Sometimes you have to be selfish and if a friendship isn’t working for you, you are allowed to cut ties with that person. Put your happiness first.

Friendships can be hard, but friendships can be quite easy depending on what type of person you are. I know I can be a slightly shy and introverted person, I have admitted to that many a time but on the flip side I am very chilled out, loving and caring person who is always up for a laugh and I find that once someone knows me for me, that I am usually a completely different person to the person I was when they first met me. I also find some friendships to be either v high maintenance or v low maintenance. Being someone who is usually quite busy through the week, I find the lesser the maintenance the stronger the friendship. One of my bestest friends is honestly rubbish at replying to a message, and we can go weeks to months without speaking but as soon as we touch base it’s like we only saw each other yesterday, and that is how friendships should be!

Nowadays I can count my true and closest friends on one hand, and I am totally okay with that. I’ve always been someone who likes to keep my inner circle tight, but over the past few years i’ve really learnt who my true friends are and who I can really count on through both good times and also bad times. If a friend cannot be there for you through the bad times, then are they really a friend? Probably not.

What is your experience with friendships?