Goals for The Rest of 2019

Come September time, I always find its like a fresh start and I think its due to starting new school years in September that it’s engraved in my mind that September is a time for new. Through September i’ve been somewhat reflecting on the past year and the things i’d like to achieve before 2019 comes to an end. With that being said I thought it would make for a good blog post to note down these goals, to look back on towards the end of the year.


Here are a few things i’d like to achieve before the end of the year..

Looking back at the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year, I think i’ve done a pretty good job at working towards those goals but at the same time, there are some goals that I need to work on a little more. From the goals that I did set I can definitely say that i’ve gotten back into blogging this year and i’ve definitely found more of a balance with it, and i’m at a place where i’m really happy with the content that i’m producing. I’ve also done my fair share of travelling this year, and I hope to continue to explore my love for travelling going into next year with more city breaks within Europe. Finally from the goals I set earlier this year, i’ve definitely cut down on screen time mainly due to being so busy during the day that I can’t be on my phone as much (lol).

Moving onto the things I still want to work on for the remainder of 2019, and hopefully with a positive mind set I can try to tick these goals off!

Get Back into my Fitness Routine

Since returning from Rome and walking nearly 30K steps per day I was ready for a break from all forms of exercise and that’s kind of continued up until now. Granted i’ve also been mega busy with work to the point where i’m too exhausted to even take my makeup off but, enough is enough. My body and brain functions best when i’m regularly active, so with some new gym gear and a new guide in tow i’m ready to smash some gym sessions, and to hopefully get some PB’s.

Focus on My Career

As I mentioned above, work currently is very busy but busy in a good way. A lot has happened in the past few months in terms of my progression and i’m beginning to see a lot of hard work and determination pay off. Sometimes working your way up in your career can be exhausting and some days you just want to throw in the towel, but for me I really need to continue to focus throughout the last few months of 2019 and to see what 2020 will bring.

Finish my Room Makeover

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll know I’ve recently been giving my room a much needed lick of paint and switch around. I’ve still got a bit of work to do in order to get it fully finished as I need to get my desk area finished, shelves up on the wall and some new prints! I’ve been eyeing up a few prints from Desenio but I haven’t quite figured what vibe i’m going for as of yet! Either way i’m planning to share with you my little room makeover once i’m happy with how my room looks, and hopefully I can begin to share more interior style posts going forward!

Make The Most of 2019

As well as focusing on my career, I also want to make the most of the last few months of 2019. I’ve already got some pretty exciting plans in the pipeline with some of bestest pals but also some pretty exciting things are happening within my family too, and I cannot wait to make more amazing memories to look back on.

What are your goals for the rest of 2019?