Recent Winter Fashion Buys

It’s been a while since I shared any solely fashion content on here, as personal style isn’t typically a massive topic of my blog. However, being someone who works in the fashion industry I am aware of the current fashion trends and I try to consume them in my own way and work them into my personal style where I see fit. With that being said, I thought i’d share some recent buys with you…

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Some Recent Fashion Buys of late…

As i’ve always said, my style is quite casual and i’m all for being comfortable and cosy at all times, especially through Autumn Winter but I do love treating myself here and there as any girl does! This winter I decided to restrict myself ever so slight to items that I actually need, instead of want and I vowed to only buy when there is some sort of ‘deal’ on as i’m trying to budget a lot more currently.

One of my favourite shops in general is Topshop. Although their prices have increased over recent years and I find a lot of their stuff to be far too fussy for my liking, I do still find I get a lot of winter staples from them and their quality does mean that clothes last more than one season. My favourite product area from them is their knitwear and you’ll find a lot of my jumpers are from them, purely because they aren’t horrendously pricey and they last! A recent addition into my winter wardrobe is their Knitted Snake Pattern Jumper (£39) of which is a really similar quality to a jumper I picked up from Topshop last year, and I just love this! I know animal print has been a big trend these past couple of seasons, but I absolutely loved this when I saw it, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on this!

A more recent addition into my wardrobe is this absolutely beaut Faux Shearling Biker Jacket (£65), which I recently ordered with their 20% off for Halloween discount. Every year I treat myself to a new coat, obviously different to any coat i’ve had before and I absolutely love this! It’s so cosy and so warm, and I love it that much i’ve also ordered it in cream.. but I think i’m going to have to have a word with myself and return it!

Moving onto the good old trust worthy retailer that is ASOS. I do find finding things on ASOS to be an absolute chore, but if you’re looking for something in particular, they usually never let me down. This winter I decided that I needed some new chelsea boots, but flat ones as all of mine currently have a heel and to be honest, I can’t be bothered with heels anymore, even a tiny boot heel. Bratty I know, but i’m on the later side of my 20’s now and the more comfy the better! Anyway, getting to the point.. I recently picked up two pairs of boots in the same style, but different colours. The first pair being the ASOS Auto Chunky Chelsea Boot (£25) as I was in need of a classic black boot, and with their being a sale when I purchased these I also got the ASOS Auto Chunky Snake Chelsea Boot (£25) as I loved the snake print to these! Two pairs of boots, of which are comfy and cost £50.. you can’t complain!

Moving onto accessories i’ve recently purchased. Firstly, totally going off topic I recently got an eye test and learnt that my vision has slightly deteriorated, so new glasses it was! As I had my eye test at Specsavers, I opted to stay with them and pick out a pair of frames from them as i’m not too bothered about fancy designer glasses. After trying on a few pairs, I settled for the Ravello Tortoiseshell Frames (£89) and i’m really happy with them! Moving back onto topic of accessories, for some reason all of my bags have decided to break at the same time and was in need of a cute new clutch bag. Whilst browsing the ASOS sale, I came across this cute Newlook Cross Body Croc Bag (£11) and I can confirm it’s just as cute in person!

So that are a few recent winter fashion buys!

What have you recently been buying for Winter?

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