Winter Skin & Body Pick Me Ups

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It feels like forever since I shared a beauty related post and although this post isn’t about makeup per say, I thought it was about time I shared with you some of my favourite winter skin and body products as of late that i’ve found have really helped to pick me up, especially as the weather has gotten so cold recently.

skincare, dry botanicals

Some winter skin and body products I’ve been loving..

As i’ve mentioned over the past year or so, i’ve definitely become a creature of habit and that also goes for the products that I use. It’s rare now a days for me to buy new makeup or skincare products, because I know what I like and what my skin likes, so why change it? That being said, I do like to switch things up from time to time and try new things, and during the winter months this typically happens.

When winter rolls around I do find that my skin has different needs as I am quite sensitive to the cold and my skin can often suffer during the colder months. Now you’ve all got to agree with me that, there is nothing better than a long, hot soak in the bath with products that you know are going to make your skin feeling amazing. For some time now, i’ve been using the same old shower gels and bath products, and to be honest my skin never felt nourished. Clean yes, but nourished, no. Fast forward to now and I think my prayers have been answered, all thanks to Shea Moisture. As it says in the name, their products are full to the brim of ingredients that help to nourish your skin and leave it feeling so moisturised.

I’ve recently added two products from their Coconut & Hibiscus range which is aimed more towards dull skin, which you could say my skin is during the winter months, and my skin couldn’t be more happier. On a daily basis i’m using the Coconut & Hibiscus Illuminating Body Wash (£8.79)* which not only smells incredible, but leaves my skin feeling incredible. What is great about their products is that they don’t contain any of the sh*t that most body products do. Ingredients like, mineral oil, paragons and petroleum, all of which naturally will dry out your skin, yet most ‘moisturising’ products contain them. As well as the body wash, i’ve also been using the Coconut & Hibiscus Illuminating Body Lotion (£8.79)* which I apply 2-3 times a week all over my body, typically concentrating on areas where my skin is the driest (yes legs i’m talking about you) and i’ve found that slowly but surely my skin is feeling less dry than it typically would.

skincare, dry botanicals

Moving onto a few skincare products that have been absolute hero products for me recently, and these come from Dr. Botanicals. Now i’ve seen a lot about this brand over the years, but haven’t really tried any of their products per say, so when they got in touch to try out a few products it’s safe to say that I was chuffed! Considering the weather turning absolutely baltic these past couple of weekends, my skin was in desperate need of some TLC and these products have really helped to save the day.

For some time now i’ve used facial oils on and off, kind as and when my skin has needed it and the Dr. Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superdfood Facial Oil (£19.90)* has been a welcomed addition into my daily skin care routine. Firstly, how gorgeous is this limited edition packaging? *insert heart eye emoji*. I’ve been using this as part of my evening skincare routine as it is designed to rejuvenate, renew and protect the skin, all whilst moisturising this skin at the same time. I can vouch that is does indeed do that, and i’ve noticed such a lovely change in the texture of my skin recently. As well as the oil, i’ve been using the Dr. Botanicals Cocoa & Coconut Superfood Reviving Hydrating Mask (£9.90)* as a quick pick me up for when I don’t have time to do a full on face mask. I typically apply this of a morning whilst i’m doing my hair or choosing my outfit, to give me skin a quick ten minute burst of moisture. Finally, a product from them that i’ve been carrying around in my hand bag and has really helped it moments in need. This is the Dr. Botanicals Lemon Superfood all-in-one Rescue Butter (£14.90)* and this is great for any dry areas. Hands, lips, elbows.. you name it and it’s fab to just have to hand.

So those are a few body and skincare products i’ve recently been using, and would highly recommend!

What winter skin and body products have you been reaching for recently?

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