My Bedroom Makeover

If you follow me over on Instagram or if you’ve read some of my recent posts, then you may have seen that I recently gave my bedroom a much needed makeover! I’ve been wanting to share with you for what feels like agessssss, a full on blog post of a before and after of my room and details of the entire transformation. So here it is!

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Here is a little look at my recent bedroom transformation…

For what feels like forever i’d wanted to give my bedroom a much needed lick of paint, but with that I knew that i’d want to completely change it around and give it a more mature look. I also took it as a perfect opportunity to have a massive declutter because it is unreal how much you hoard and store without even knowing it! Anyway enough of me rambling.. let’s get into this transformation!


bedroom, home, renovation,

Firstly, apologies for these before photos. I took these in the midst of clearing out my bedroom on my iPhone so the quality isn’t the best but I wanted to capture what my room looked like beforehand. As you can see, my bedroom before was the bog standard magnolia colour that all new homes come painted with, which never really bothered me all that much until it got terribly soot stained from my constant candle burning. You’ll notice in these before pictures that the walls have really odd marks/smears on them, and that is the soot staining which just made my room look grubby and just rank in all honesty.

My room is also a really odd shape as it has an en-suite and it also has a random small space which juts out and sits above our downstairs hallway. This area itself would be perfect for a built in wardrobe as it is quite hard to utilise due to the size/shape of it but, I decided I wanted to utilise this area as an office space as it is somewhat secluded and was a really nice area to kind of escape to. Also due to the shape of my bedroom, my bed can only really fit one way up against my en-suite wall and pushed up to the outside wall of the house. At the bottom of my bed was my chest of drawers which housed the majority of my clothing with the exception of a few things which I hang in the wardrobe in the spare room, but this area just became a massive dumping ground in all honesty. Finally, we have the doorway/walkway into my room which had a storage unit behind the door and then a tall thin bookshelf which sat next to my dressing table/storage unit, housing all of my beauty bits and extra bits of tat.

So that is a little back story to my room before. Now onto the…


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So onto the after! My bed area hasn’t really changed all that much, other than a good lick of paint and a slight change up of my above bed shelf styling (which you can read more about in this post). I decided to add a small amount of light grey into the colour scheme of my room, just to add a slightly more mature feel. I decided to paint a couple of accent walls within my room using Home of Colour ‘Dusky Grey’ Matt Paint (£12), which I absolutely love and has turned out to be the perfect light grey tone. I tested a couple of grey paints and the one thing I learnt was that the lighter the better, because grey dries a lot darker than it looks on the tin.

Dressing Area

bedroom, home, renovation,bedroom, home, renovation,

As I mentioned in my before, my room has this random area which used to be my desk/office area but I found that it just become a massive dumping ground and I rarely ever sat at my desk. One thing that i’d always wanted in my room was a full length mirror and a dressing area that wasn’t directly in front of my bedroom window, so I decided to switch this area around. As you can see from the above, I’ve painted the back wall in the same grey colour and I’ve added in the Ikea Hemnes Chest of Six Drawers (£199) which is from the same furniture range as my previous chest of drawers. I opted for a bigger chest of drawers so that I could actually fit all of the clothes in from my over flowing previous set of drawers and i’m so glad I purchased these! I’ve also finally added in a full length mirror. This is the Ikea Nissedal Mirror (£45) of which I decided to prop up against the wall instead of hanging it, as I just preferred how this looked.

As for the ornaments and wall prints, these are just temporary for the time being as I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do with this space. Overtime I think i’m going to switch out the wall prints for more mature ‘me’ style prints and I want to get a much nicer lamp to put in this corner, but with every house project things do take time and I don’t want to rush into buying things that later down the line I don’t like.

Desk Setup

bedroom, home, renovation,bedroom, home, renovation,

Moving onto my new desk area, which now sits at the end of my bed where my old chest of drawers used to be. Unforuntaly my before photos don’t show how bad the soot staining was on this wall, but thankfully with a lick of Crown Milk White Matt Paint (£20) the walls look better than the day we moved in!

My stepdad has kindly helped shorten the width of my desk as it was too wide to fit into this space, but it also means that I can’t use this as a dumping ground anymore. My stepdad also helped to move my shelf onto the outside wall above my desk, which now has a small selection of books and ornaments. I’ve massively downsized the amount of books I had and i’ve donated them to my local charity shop, in the hope someone else can enjoy them as much as I did. I’m so happy with how this space has turned out and I find myself using my desk a lot more than I used to, so winner winner!

Doorway/Beauty Area

bedroom, home, renovation,bedroom, home, renovation,

Onto the final part of my room, my doorway and beauty area! Before this area was so cluttered and it wasn’t until I started moving my furniture back in that I realised this. My beauty area set up has stayed pretty much the same, with my muji drawers sitting on top of my Ikea Kallax Shelving Unit (£45). As you can see i’ve completely got rid of the storage unit that was behind my door and in it’s place sits my Ikea Billy Bookcase (£25) which houses extra beauty things such as my perfume and extra palettes, but now it’s not as visible as it used to be. I’m so glad that I decided to keep this area a lot less cluttered than it was before and I find that it instantly makes my room look a lot lighter, and less cramped.

So that is my bedroom makeover! There is still things that I want to do but as I mentioned, that will come overtime as I figure out what exactly I want to add. For now i’m so so happy with how it’s turned out and i’m loving how fresh it’s looking. It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do!

Have you recently done any home reno work?

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