Let’s Reflect on 2019

Can you believe we’re already into 2020?! I know it’s so cliché to say but 2019 literally flew by with a blink of an eye for me and I cannot comprehend how we’ve just said goodbye to another decade! In typical New Year fashion, I wanted to put a post together to reflect on 2019, whilst setting some goals for the year ahead for me to look back on this time next year to see how I got on.

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Let’s take a little walk down memory lane and reflect on 2019..

Looking back at my 2019 goals post which I posted exactly a year ago to this date, I reflected a little on 2018 and that I’d ended the year feeling really content and I was ready to see what 2019 had in store for me. To summarise, without trying to sound negative 2019 has been a great year but it has also been a bit of an odd year for me. I say this because nothing majorly note worthy happened this year and not a lot really changed all that much in order to get me really excited for this year ahead. I know that sounds a bit doom and gloom, and don’t get me wrong some amazing things happened this year but in terms of big milestones, I don’t really have any to share.

Looking at the personal goals I set myself for this year, the top goal for me was to travel more and during 2019 I ticked a few more new destinations off my bucket list. I travelled to both Gran Canaria and Rome during the summer, both places I’d never travelled to previously and loved every minute of it. I also wanted to continue to push myself fitness wise through 2019, and I did do that for the first half of the year but as soon as I returned from Rome in September I completely fell off the wagon and haven’t quite managed to get the motivation back as of yet. Another goal that has been ongoing for a few years now, is saving. Mainly saving for a house deposit, but also just saving in general. Unfortunately my savings took an absolute battering in April when the gearbox on my beloved Golf completely packed in and subsequently the month after I had a real f*ck it moment and purchased (well financed) my dream car, an all white VW Scirocco and not gonna lie, I don’t regret it one bit! My saving goals are still in place, and all being well I should have a house deposit this time next year (fingers crossed).

As well as the goals I set and somewhat achieved through 2019, I also learnt a lot in 2019. I briefly touched on  friendships and why having less friends is more, and it’s safe to say i’m leaving a fair few people in 2019 and moving forward with an even tighter circle of friends which suits me just fine. I learnt who I could really rely on in 2019 (and who I couldn’t) and i’m really happy with the people i’m lucky to call my friends. I also learnt a lot in terms of my career and I’ve worked possibly the hardest I’ve ever worked before. I’ve really put the hours in this year by stepping up within my job role, and I hope 2020 is really good to me in terms of my career because my job is a massive part of my life, and I bloody love the company that I work for.

In terms of blogging, well in true me style I fell off the wagon again just like I did in 2018, but it just goes to show that blogging will always be a hobby for me that I pick up and put down when it suits me and i’m finally coming to terms with being okay with that. I used to beat myself up for not posting weekly, but i’m gonna be real and say that I don’t have the time nor the amazing contacts that some bloggers do in order to give my all to this small space that I have on the internet. I love blogging, always have and always will, but the balance that I have found suits me just fine and I hope you all still continue to enjoy that content I continue to share into 2020.

reflect on 2019,

Finally, whilst I have taken some time to reflect on 2019 I also want to round off the post and note down a few goals for 2020. Some are goals continuing on from this year, and others are small goals but realistic goals that I want to work towards in the hope that they allow me to make some great memories going forward!

Continue to explore more of Europe – Following my 4 days in Rome at the end of August, it has given me a real thirst for travelling and exploring more of Europe. For me it’s so much more budget friendly than ‘big’ holidays to places like New York and Australia, and I find I get so much more out of them memory wise. One place i’m dying to go to is Barcelona, so here’s hoping that it get’s ticked off the list during 2020!

Try something new in terms of fitness – For me fitness will always be a passion of mine as it always help with my mental headspace, but I find that I get bored and very quickly. From following various influencers and seeing so many other types of fitness from yoga, crossfit and also boxing, it got me thinking that perhaps trying something completely new is what I need to spur me on. I’m also toying with the idea of signing up for a 10K, but the courage isn’t quite there yet!

Learn how to film and edit videos for IGTV – Towards the end of this year I’ve really gotten into watching IGTV videos, I’ve even put out a couple myself but not going to lie my video editing skills are zero to none, and don’t even get me started on royalty free music that you can use within videos (lol). But it’s something I’m really keen to learn more about and get more into! YouTube is never gonna be for me, but IGTV seems that little bit more easy.. I think!

So there we have it, 2019 over and out. Happy New Year to you all! Here’s to 2020 and what I’m hoping will be a year filled with many memories!