Updated Bedroom Details

For a little while now I’ve been transforming my bedroom from what was an overly cramped room, with the boring original magnolia walls to a space that I look forward to coming home to each day after a long day at work. Although every home renovation takes time and potentially some regretful purchases, I feel that I’ve finally gotten my room to a point that I am happy with and I wanted to share some updated snippets with you.

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A Few Bedroom Details

If you’ve been a reader here for a little while, you may have seen my bedroom makeover post where I show the before and afters of how I’ve recently transformed my bedroom, and in that post I also mentioned a few things that I still wanted to do to my bedroom. Over the last few months I’ve been buying bits and bobs, here and there to add some more ‘me’ touches to my bedroom, and it’s safe to say I’ve fully fallen back in love with Home Sense and the one off pieces you can pick up there! Anyway, enough of me rambling and let’s get into showing you some updated bedroom details.

bedroom, chest of drawers, interior,

bedroom, chest of drawers, interior,

One of the biggest changes to my room and probably my favourite area of my room is my dressing area. I just love how the light floods this area in the morning and actually gives me a proper area to get ready of a morning. Since my bedroom makeover post, I’ve completely switched everything up in this area. My favourite piece that I’ve added into this area is my beautiful Rattan Rug (£14.99) from Home Sense. I’d been toying with what style of rug that I wanted, but I knew I wanted something slightly different so when I saw this, I just knew it was perfect! I’ve also added in some beautiful prints from Desenio, which include the Abstract Figures No.3 Poster (from £8.95), and Abstract Figures No.1 Poster (from £8.95). I absolutely loved the look of these two prints and knew they’d make this space look and feel a bit more mature! I’ve also added in the Letter Poster (from £6.95) as I loved the quote on this and it really resinated with how I feel in terms of life at the minute.

I’ve also completely decluttered the top of my chest of drawers and I feel that keeping this simple, and stripped back just looks so much better! I have since purchased a new lamp, which I picked up from the clearance section of Home Sense for less than a tenner, which looks so much nicer than the lamp I had prior. (Don’t worry, any things that I’ve got rid of have been donated to charity). I’ve kept my Ikea Fe Ka Artificial Hanging Plant (£6) as I love the added greenery this gives, and I’ve also got a couple of diffusers and candles just for show. I’ve also recently began burning wax melts as a way to get fragrance into my room without burning heavily scented candles, as the last thing I want to do is have my walls covered in soot again. I’m currently burning some wax melts from Shop Sassy Wax, who handmade all of their wax melts and all have a little added sparkle to them! My favourite scent is their Strawberry Lily Segment Pot* (£4), which smells absolutely beautiful and just fills my room with the most gorgeous scent. I’ve also got a couple of their Wax Melt Bars* (£2.95) and I can’t wait to get onto to melting these.

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In terms of my bed, not a lot has really changed since I shared my styling over bed shelving post other than changing up a few things on the shelving. However I have forever been wanting to make my bed itself a cosy space, a space that feels just a hotel bed because lets be real, you cannot beat a cosy hotel bed! I’ve recently swapped out my very old, but very loved Ikea duvet sets for this beautiful Julian Charles Sophia Tuffted White Duvet* (£44) and the matching Julian Charles Sophia Tuffted White Pillowcases*(£11). I’ve forever wanted a white duvet set, but I always find a plain set to be so boring so when I saw the cute diamond pattern to this I just knew that i’d love it! I’ve also recently been styling my bed up with some cushions, including the Julian Charles Sophia Tuffted Cushion* (£11) which i’ve got one in white, and one in pink. I just love how my bed looks, and now when I come home from a long day at work, I am so ready to just dive into bed for a cosy nights sleep!

So there you have it! A little updated look at how I’ve recently updated my bedroom. I’ve been loving sharing more home interior content on both my blog and also my Instagram, and I’m hoping to continue sharing my home updates here and there with you.

Have you recently purchased any new home pieces?

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