Adding Wellness & Down Time into My Routine

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In a time where the future in somewhat uncertain what with the current news of Covid-19 and having to work from indefinitely, I’ve been trying to add and practice activities that bring wellness into my routine. I wanted to share with you some ways in which you too can look to add wellness into your routine in the hope that it will allow some down time and to take your mind off of current situations happening in your life right now.

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Introducing wellness and slowing down from time to time..

Wellness can mean something different for each individual. For some it can mean being healthy or taking steps to improve your overall condition of health, for others it can working to have a healthy mind, free from current stresses or it could just be improving your diet. Either way everyone can strive for wellness in different ways. For me, life right now just feels strange. Partly to do with the current virus situation but also because I feel completely out of routine, and i’m sure i’m not alone on this one.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to take a bit more care of myself and really allow myself to have some down time, which is now more important than ever. A couple of weeks ago I was ‘diagnosed’ with low folic acid levels, meaning my body isn’t getting enough folic acid from my diet or it’s not absorbing it how it should, and this has kind of forced me re-evaluate a few things. Diet being the main one, looking at eating more foods rich in folic acid but it’s also shown me that I need to listen to my body more and learn that I can’t do everything. For me personally i’m not overly worried, but I do know that if I don’t take these steps that this could worsen and I could become anaemic (not ideal). Any who, without babbling anymore.. here are some ways in which I’ve been adding wellness and down time into my routine.

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Practise A New Exercise

What with all gyms now being closed, it means that for those of us that are typically frequent gym goers or fitness fiends that we’re having to find alternatives. Now is the best time to try something new, to get stuck into something that takes your mind off the current situation we are facing. Many influencers, local gyms etc are sharing, now more than ever home workout options! One instagram account that i’ve recently followed is Results With Lifestyle are putting on daily at home live workouts which are great for all age groups and some workouts are pregnancy friendly which is absolutely fab! Other types of exercise that you can take up easily from home is yoga, a great way to relax the mind and maybe even throw in some meditation to further help take your mind elsewhere for a little while.

I myself have taken this time to take up running. I’ve been running here and there for a while now, but i’ve never really taken it to seriously and I usually don’t push myself all that much but i’ve found that i’ve been enjoying it so much more than usual. Getting out in the fresh air and pushing myself with each run to run for longer time wise and distance wise. I simply just track my workouts through my Apple Watch and i’ve already upped my personal best distance to 4.1K.. when my little legs would barely run 1K just a few weeks ago.

Up Your Vitamin In-Take

As I briefly touched on above, being diagnosed (I don’t want to sound dramatic when I say diagnosed) with low folic acid levels means for me that I have to up my in-take of folic acid if I want my levels to improve. So currently I am taking folic acid tablets daily in the hope that it’ll improve my levels. Another way in which i’ve been upping my overall vitamin in-take is with the help of Water Drop Micro Drink.

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Water Drop Micro Drink is a great way to up your water in-take in general as we all could no doubt admit that we need to drink more water, but adding in their drink capsules they allow you to make drinking water more fun, but more beneficial at the same time. With eight different flavours to choose from, from sweet to herbal to suit your personal drink preferences and your mood, you simple add 1-2 capsules to fresh water and wait for the capsules to dissolve, infusing your water with flavour and essential vitamins.

My personal favourites are their Youth Microdrink* (£6.99) which contains peach, ginger, ginseng and dandelion. I personally love the peach taste to this flavour and have found myself almost finishing up this flavour first. It’s also been a great way for me to get more B vitamins into my system, as this flavour contains vitamin B3, B7 and vitamin C. I’ve also been loving their Boost Microdrink* (£6.99) which contains blackcurrant, elderflower and açai. Again I love the blackcurrant taste to this drink, and similarly to the previous flavour this contains vitamin B12, B6 and vitamin C. You can of course just use these capsules with your own water bottle, but Water Drop offer some really lovely glass bottles. I personally opted for the Relax Edition Bottle* (£22) as I loved the floral pattern to this, and the holder is really handy for when you’re out and about.

I found from adding these micro drink capsules into my water that i’ve overall upped my water in take, but that I do overall feel more alive and energised. If like me you suffer from lower vitamin levels or you just want to up your general vitamin/water in take, then i’d definitely recommend signing up to Waterdrop, where you can unlock free deliveries/taster sets etc which is well worth doing if you’re wanting to potentially check out this brand!

Get Out and Get Some Fresh Air

As I touched on above, i’ve been getting outside running more in the past couple of weeks and i’ve found it to be great way to just escape. Escape your laptop and/or phone screen, but to also escape general life and switch off for 30 minutes to an hour. If you aren’t making the most of this time and getting outside whilst we still can, i’d definitely recommend to do so. Whether it’s going for a run, walk, bike ride or simply sitting in the garden, getting some fresh air pumping through your lungs will always make you feel better.

Listen to a new Podcast

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll of probably seen me sharing a little more on my stories over the past week or so, sharing what i’m doing around working from home and how i’m just generally doing things to pass the time at the moment. One thing i’ve recently gotten into is listening to a good podcast. A favourite of mine at the minute is Shagged, Married, Annoyed by Chris & Rosie Ramsay, and my god it is hilarious! It’s nice to just listen to something and just laugh! There are so many podcasts out there, some just plain witty but others that offer educational purposes and for me, I just find them great to listen to whilst doing tasks and chores. I also listen to podcasts whilst i’m running and they honestly make running that little more bearable, so would highly recommend!

So those are a few ways that i’m trying to add a little more wellness into my routine, all whilst giving me and my brain bit of down time.

What are you doing at the moment to cope through the coronavirus crisis?

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