Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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It feels odd to be doing a gift guide, but in classic me style I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a gift guide centered all around Mother’s Day! Now I know Mother’s Day isn’t always about gift giving and for some it’s about spending time with your Mum, but for those that love an excuse to gift give, then i’m hoping this gift guide will have you covered!

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A few Mother’s Day gift ideas…

If you’ve been a long time follower of my blog, then you’ll know how much I love putting together gift guide posts and this gift guide is by far one of my favourites i’ve put together so far! Now, although this gift guide is centered around physical gifts, another kind of gift that I love giving is an experience. Whether it be tickets to a theatre show, or a spa day, these kind of gifts also go down super well i’ve found over the years. A personal favourite for my Mum is an afternoon tea, and I have recently written a guide to some of my favourite afternoon tea spots situated in and around the West Midlands. Be sure to check out that guide if you’re thinking of potentially booking an afternoon tea, as every recommendation would make the perfect gift. Now, lets get into this gift guide…


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Starting off with easily my favourite topic.. beauty! Fragrance Direct, a retailer that I’ve loved and worked with for a fair few years now have very kindly collaborated with me again on part of this post, to share with you some amazing fragrance and beauty products that they are currently stocking for Mother’s Day!

Of course, it wouldn’t be right to not feature a fragrance and an amazing way to gift fragrance, is to of course gift a gift set. The DKNY Stories Gift Set* (£35.95) is a wonderful fragrance gift set option, as it contains not only a full size bottle but also a travel size, and the cutest little coin/travel purse. The fragrance itself is absolutely stunning, boasting floral but also spicy notes making this a true womanly yet sexy fragrance. The packaging also is so classy and elegant, housed in a lovely cardboard presentation box making it simple to wrap or pop a bow onto. Another beauty gift set which really took me by surprise is the Nuxe Emblematique Best Sellers Gift Set* (£17.50), containing four of their best selling products. Nuxe is a brand that I personally adore and knowing that their lip balm alone is priced at around £8, this gift set is an absolute steal. It really allows you (or your Mum) to try out a well known luxury brand without the breaking the bank.

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Another gift set from Fragrance Direct comes from a beauty brand that I know my Mum personally loves, is Clarins. Now i’ve tried a few Clarins products here and there, but I personally find that i’m not necessarily their target market (maybe I need to admit that i’m closer to 30, then I am 25) but I have heard some amazing things about their lip products. The Clarins Precious Lips Collection* (£22.50) is the cutest little gift set containing four mini’s of Clarins best selling lip products, all encased in a really handy makeup bag. Personally I don’t think you could go wrong with this gift set, and my Mum is already eyeing this up for herself!

Lastly from Fragrance Direct, a gift you cannot go wrong with is of course a hand cream! Especially with the current virus situation here in the UK, the constant washing of hands is leaving my hands dry, I don’t know about you? The Molton Brown Rhubard & Rose Hand Lotion* (£16.50) is a current favourite of mine and smells absolutely incredible! I’ve had this on my desk at work ever since I received this and I honestly cannot get over how much this smells like rhubarb and custard sweets! Gifting something like this, although small would really make any ladies day especially if they are partial to a nice hand cream.

Finally for the beauty gift ideas, a brand that I can’t not mention is Nivea. With being a part of the #NiveaFamily and just being a lover of Nivea products in general, gifting your Mum some products from them this Mother’s Day would be a lovely gesture. My Mum personally loves the Nivea Q10 Power Sleeping Mask* (£5.45) which as the name suggests is a mask that you wear overnight, to wake up leaving your skin feeling youthful and hydrated. A personal favourite of mine is the Nivea Daily Essentials Moisturiser* (£4.10) but to be honest, any of their moisturisers would be a lovely gift to give dependant on your Mum’s skin type/needs!


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Moving away from beauty and onto a couple of home style gifts. Now if your Mum is a massive lover like candles, then you cannot go wrong than to gift a candle or two, and Fragrance Direct have so many scents to choose from! A recent release from Yankee come their Elevation Collection, which just look slightly more sophisticated than your normal Yankee candle and they have some lovely scents to choose from. A favourite of mine is the Yankee Candle Sheer Linen Candle* (£17.99) which smells so clean but so fresh! I find burning this for an hour after you’ve given a room a good tidy, is just the perfect way to make your home smell extra clean and fresh!

As well as candles, a recent obsession of mine and you’ll know if you follow me on Instagram is wax melts! After redecorating my room I have to be super careful with burning candles as I daren’t allow my walls to get all soot stained again, and I find wax melts to be great alternative to getting scent into a room. I recently treated myself to a wax melt burner from Home Bargains and with that I’ve been burning a couple of wax melts from Glam Wax. My favourite scent from them is their Fluffy Towels Wax Melts* (£3) which smells absolutely incredible and leave my room smelling so clean. If like me you’re a wax melt addict or you’ve never tried wax melts, they also do a subscription box service and starter kits, which in turn would also make a fab Mother’s Day gift idea!


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Finally, last but not least a must have go to for gift giving is of course jewellery! I always find jewellery is a really personal present and is something i’ve always treasured whenever i’ve received jewellery. A go to brand for all jewellery needs, whether it be engagement rings, diamond earrings or just because jewellery Abelini is a great online retailer option for low to high budgets! A recent addition into my jewellery wardrobe is this beautiful Minimal Bezel Ring* that I’ve been styling up with my other silver rings that I wear on a daily basis. As well as rings, Abelini have some beautiful earrings and necklaces to choose from that would make a lovely gift this Mother’s day!

So those are a few gifting idea’s for this upcoming Mother’s Day! I hope this gift guide gives you some idea’s for when choosing a gift for your Mum this Mother’s Day, and I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating Mother’s day with your loved ones.

What are your plans this Mothers Day?

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