My Current Three Go To Loungewear Outfits

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Following on from my previous post where I shared some of my favourite loungewear picks, and with lockdown being extended for at least another three weeks here in the UK this can only mean more days wearing endless amounts of loungewear! I thought, seeing as I have more time on my hands, that I’d get in front of the camera and share my three current go to loungewear outfits at the moment!

*The loungewear items featured were kindly gifted by Femme Luxe.

My current three go to loungewear outfits right now..

For me, a lot of my days blur into one and although I am keeping myself busy whilst on furlough (check out my post on things to do during furlough) I am finding that more and more i’m bothering less with my appearance, unless i’m shooting blog posts. I couldn’t tell you that last time I wore jeans for more than twenty minutes, and i’m totally okay with that! What I love personally about loungewear is that it’s just easy, whack it on and you’re ready to Netflix and chill to your hearts content. This leads me onto the pieces that i’m going to be styling up in this post. The lovely team at Femme Luxe reached out and asked me to style up a few bits from their loungewear collection and I of course, couldn’t say no as I loved the look of some of their sets! So without babbling on any longer, lets get into my three go to loungewear outfits…

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Outfit 1

Starting off with probably the most flattering and easy loungewear set ever! I absolutely loved styling up the Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set* (£19.99), of which I went for in this beautiful warm brown tone as I thought it would really suit my hair colour, but they have quite a few colours to choose from. The ribbed detail fabric is so soft and quite lightweight, so although I felt super cosy and comfy wearing this it’s not too thick meaning you aren’t going to get overly hot even when snuggled up under a blanket or two. I personally love the belted detail to this set as you can nip it in at the waist to really flatter and enhance your silhouette, regardless of your size!

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Outfit 2

Moving onto the second loungewear set that I have been wearing to absolute death and this is the Ruched Front Loungewear Set* (£18.99) and as you can see I picked this beautiful pink colour way, which I just LOVE! I always find these tones of pink really suit my skin tone (when i’ve fake tanned) and my hair colour. I find the ruched detailing down the front of the crop top is super flattering over your bust and just adds a nice little detail to the set. I also really like the fact the leggings are slightly cropped, as it adds a point of difference to all of the other loungewear sets that I own. Personally I love the crop top detailing to this set, but I can fully appreciate a crop top isn’t for everyone so i’ve linked to a few other pink loungewear sets for you to browse as alternatives.

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As well as loungewear sets, you can’t beat a good top and jogger combo. Am I right, or am I right? For days where I’m blogging or doing bits and bobs around the house i’ve really like pairing this ‘Perfect’ Slogan T-Shirt* (£16.98) with these Contrast Drawstring Cuffed Joggers* (£29.98). The T-shirt is so cute and I find you can style this in a few different ways. Whether it be tucking it into the joggers, or tying it into a cute little knot at the front as i’ve done above. The joggers are also so comfy and so soft, and I love the contrast coloured drawstring detail to these, as it adds a nice little point of difference. I’ve been styling these up with my slippers on most days, but i’ve found adding a simple pair of trainers or Vans makes this outfit acceptable if you’re popping to the corner shop or petrol garage. As well as these pieces, Femme Luxe also have a great variety of t-shirts and joggers to pick from in a fair few different colours!

So those are my current go-to loungewear outfits at the moment, and i’m sure this won’t be the last time you see me wearing these especially if you follow me over on Instagram.

What is your favourite loungewear outfit?

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