Skincare I’ve Been Reaching For Recently

If there is one thing that I’ve looked forward to during this lock down, it has been watching Caroline Hirons live Instagram stories. As this post is being written a few weeks in advance she may have stopped doing these by now, but essentially for about a week, every evening she discussed different skincare products and it has inspired me. Inspired me to step up my skincare game!


A Few Skincare Products I’ve Been Reaching For…

When I first starting blogging I fully got sucked into the premise that, if you didn’t have a ten step skincare routine then you weren’t a true blogger. Looking back it definitely allowed me to learn which products my skin liked and needed, but also products that it hated. Back then I didn’t ever think that these products were causing me to have the issues I was having with my skin, but in reality they were the cause. Having been blogging for 7 years (? – i’ve lost count) i’ve got to a point where my skincare routine is pretty basic. Cleanser, eye cream, moisturiser, spot cream and the odd mask here and there. Probably not great, but it has worked for my skin this far, and I find introducing new products often means my skin freaks out, and breaks like no tomorrow. Having said that, I have been wanting for a while to slowly introduce new products to help combat my skins needs, whilst actually learning what products I should be using, when to use them and what products I should/shouldn’t use with them. (Wow that was a lounge twister, lol).

Starting off with cleanser, and given the current situation we are in i’ve not really been wearing any makeup so i’ve not been needing a heavy duty cleanser. One cleanser that I found in my stash recently is the Sk:n Cleanse & Exfoliate Cleanser* (£28.50) which I was sent a little while ago, but never really got round to giving a good go. Previous to this I was using a hot cloth style cleanser and I just wanted something slightly lighter and more milky in consistency, and this ticks those boxes. It is a lovely light cleanser with small little exfoliating particles, and it just makes my skin feel clean but not irritated in the slightest. Another product i’ve had for a while, and used to use a fair bit is The Ordinary Niacinamide + Zinc (£5) and this is essentially a spot treatment. I typically used to use this in rotation with another prescribed spot treatment and I don’t know why I stopped using this to be honest. I recently found this in my forgotten skincare basket and instantly added it to my daily skincare tray, and since adding this back into my routine, my blemishes have really reduced. Since rediscovering this, I have read up on a few reviews on a few more products from The Ordinary and I did allow myself to spend a whole £13 on a couple of products (shh don’t tell my spending ban).


Moving onto a brand that I have heard a lot about through my blogging years, but had never tried anything from up until recently. The brand in question is Super Facialist, and when I was contacted by a PR asking if I wanted to try out their new Vitamin C+ range, I of course said yes! For a while now i’ve been using two products from the range within my daily/weekly skincare routine, with my favourite product being the Super Facialst Vitamin C+ Dark Circles Eye Cream* (£12.99). Prior to using this I would always find eye creams really irritating, to the point where it felt like they were in my eye due to the high fragrance levels, but this is just lovely. Also prior to using this I used to have a cyst of some form, can’t remember what it’s called but it wasn’t anything to worry about (or so my doctor said), and since introducing this into my routine the cyst has gone. Completely disappeared. Amazing! Another product from the range that i’ve been using every other day or so, within my morning skincare is the Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Booster Serum* (£18). I never really realised that I needed to use vitamin C within my routine, but with me getting closer to 30 and further away from 20, I should really start adding some anti ageing products into my routine. I like this product because it’s just easy. Easy to apply, soaks in really quickly and just makes my skin look glowy, and nice!

A couple of other product i’ve found myself reaching for during lockdown are products to help combat dehydration and dryness from being indoors, and constantly washing my hands every ten minutes. For my lips the Nuxe Reve de Miel Lipbalm (£11) has been a saviour and I’ve really found myself reaching for this quite a few times throughout the day. If you’ve not tried this lip balm, you need to! For my hands, i’ve dug out a mini of the Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Hand Cream (£10) and this stuff is just amazing. Smells amazing and soothes any dryness instantly. Finally, one product that Caroline mentioned that is good to have is a hydrating facial mist. Now again searching through my stash, I came across a mini of the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray (£24), which i’ve mentioned before but I have been spritzing my face constantly throughout the day with the stuff.

So those are a few skincare products i’ve been reaching for lately. Like me, I think it’s great to use this time to discover and learn more about skincare or just products in general, as you’ll probably never have this time on your hands again!

What products have you been reaching for during lockdown?

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