What I’ve Been Watching, Listening To & Reading During Lockdown

During this time lockdown we find ourselves in, I know we’re all kind of lost as to what to do. If you’re still working, you may not be finding it too hard but being furloughed myself, I’ve found filling the days to be quite hard. Also weekends are the longest, so I thought i’d put together a list of all of the things i’ve been watching, reading and listening to, to help pass the time through lockdown and social distancing.

Some recommendations to watch, listen to or read during lockdown..

Now don’t get me wrong, having this blog has really helped to keep my somewhat busy during lockdown as I’ve been putting a lot of my spare time into this little space on the internet but still, some days I just don’t want to sit at my laptop all day. It seems Netflix is bringing out some really good releases at the moment, along with some of my favourite podcasts that get released on weekly basis and I have also found myself getting lost in a couple of books. Anyway, without me waffling on for too long, here are some recommendations for you!


There are so many series and new releases to Netflix at the moment that it’s kind of hard to keep on track with everything that I want to watch. I’ve read a few similar blog posts with Netflix recommendations and I’ve now got a list as long as my arm! However, below are some series/documentaries that I have watched recently during lockdown that would be worth a weekend binge!

Skins – If like me you never watched Skins back in the day, then the entire 7 seasons are on Netflix. It’s taken me a couple of weeks on and off to get through them, but I have just finished the final series (of which I vaguely remember watching) and to be honest, i’m surprised I never watched it back in the day.

Tiger King – This is one I am sure the majority will have watched, but if you have not you need to. Like me, you don’t have to agree with what they’re doing but it is one of weirdest yet enticing documentaries that you think every few minutes ‘is this sh*t real?!’ whilst watching. When Netflix then announced a follow up episode was going to be released over the Easter weekend, I was on it straight away and it did not disappoint. So if you want to understand all of the memes, then get watching!

Friday Night Dinner – A friend of mine introduced me to this one and my god it’s so funny! If you enjoyed Inbetweeners, then you’ll love this. Not only because Will from Inbetweeners star in this, but because it’s that same level of humour. Each episode is around 20 minutes long, so it’s a quick watch in-between tasks but it’s also so easy to binge watch. I managed to watch all four series across a couple of evenings, and I laughed the entire way through them. It does get somewhat predictable, but still an easy watch that i’d highly recommend if you love a bit of humour!

Money Heist – This one is a slight cheat, as i’m still behind on this but Netflix have recently released the fourth season of this and I’ve been told by a few pals that it’s really worth catching up on! I’ve mentioned this series in a previous Netflix post as I really enjoyed the first two seasons, but I’m going to add it to my ‘to watch’ list over the coming weeks as I still need to watch season 3, but there is no time like the present and all that!



As I mentioned, I’ve been using this lockdown time to get lost in a book or two as I never read. Unless i’m on holiday, strapped to a sun lounger and plied with ample amounts of factor 50, reading just isn’t my thing. Whilst having a little sort out a few weeks ago, I came across a few books of mine that i’ve neve read, but I also found my Mums book stash full of books that really should have gone to a charity shop a good few years ago, but amongst it was some really good reads!

Almost Adulting, Arden Rose (£6.50) – This is a book I purchased a few years ago and I started reading it but never really picked it up again until I found it gathering dust on my book shelf. Over the Easter weekend, I set up camp in the garden and read this front to back in about two days. Safe to say its a really good, but easy read about all things adulting. I laughed my way through this book and related hard to a lot of things. I also took a few things from this book that I want to try to apply to my life, but all in all it just reinforced that we all are just winging it in this adult life.

Bared To You, Sylvia Day (from £1.50) – This book a first in the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day and the best way to describe these books is, that if you liked 50 shades, then you’ll no doubt like these. I’m about half way through this book and I’ve got the next four to go, so this series will keep me busy no doubt! Although similar to 50 shades, the story line is different in ways and isn’t as obvious. There is constant twists and turns, whilst also being a fairly easy read to follow along to. Would definitely recommend if you like these kind of reads, but Sylvia has many other chick kind of books that any girl out there would love!


During lockdown/my furlough i’ve really gotten back into Youtube. I used to love Youtube, and to an extent still do but I find myself only watching the same few channels. Over the past couple of weeks i’ve been branching out and finding new channels, some of which are completely different to any i’ve watched before!

Lone Fox – In my current DIY phase, coming across Drew from Lone Fox has been no doubt the best channel i’ve subbed to in a while. I just love him! I love his content, the DIY hacks he shares and his room transformations! If you aren’t subscribed to Drew and you love interior or shopping at Ikea, then you need to follow him. From just watching his video’s it has inspired me to do a few DIY projects. One i’ve already shared in a IGTV, but the second i’m waiting on a few supplies to come. Honestly, if you take one thing from this blog post, go and subscribe to Drew!

XO, MaCenna – A channel that I actually came across from subscribing to Lone Fox was XO, Macenna. I’ve honestly been loving DIY hack kind of videos and MaCenna shares some amazing projects over on her channel. My favourites are where she find’s things in charity/thrift shops and upcycles them. It’s just so inspiring to know that you don’t need to spend loads on restoring items in order to make them your own. She also has some amazing room transformations, similar to what Drew does but again, i’ve loved watching these!

Lora Hull – Bringing it back to a blogger favourite of mine who has recently started up a channel. I’ve binge watched the majority of Lora’s videos and I just really like how easy going her content is. She’s also got me lusting over a few homeware bits that she shared in a recent haul, but alas the spending ban continues!

Petite Elliee – Another blogger fave of mine at the moment is Elliee from Petite Elliee, and i’ve recently subscribed to her Youtube. Similarly to all the content she produces, I just love her channel and she’s honestly the sweetest person to watch! Similarly to Lora, Elliee has got me lusting over a few recent purchases she has shared across a few hauls, but I also love the home content she shares!



For me podcasts aren’t really something i’ve really gotten into all that much, but I have found that they are great to run to as i’ve been running a lot more during lockdown. Rather than running to pumping music, i’ve found a podcast really takes my mind off the run and I find myself managing to push myself further than I ever have been before.

Sh*gged, Married, Annoyed – A firm favourite of mine is Chris and Rosie Ramsay’s podcast Sh*gged, Married, Annoyed. My god it is SO funny! Some of the topics they talk about are just frankly disgusting but listening along to them having, sometimes the same thoughts as you and just laughing along to some of the stories that get emailed in from the listeners. Honestly if you like Chris Ramsay as a comedian, or you just enjoy a bit of a laugh, then this podcast is for you!

Adulting – A podcast that I listen to every now and then, but have been listening to more so recently is Adulting by Oenone. I’ve followed Oenone on Instagram for quite some time and her podcast is great at just discussing so many topics. From friendships, relationships, money and so many other daunting things that come with being an adult. It’s a great podcast to have on in the background and is one that I listened to whilst decorating my bedroom last year, whereas now I have it in the background whilst i’m doing things around the house. Definitely one i’d recommend listening to!

So those are some recommendations from me on some things to watch, read and listen to during this lockdown period. I hope you find some good recommendations here to help us get through this weird time. If you’re struggling, be sure to check out my previous post talking all about adding wellness and down time into your routine.

How are you finding lockdown?

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