A Few Things Bringing Me Happiness Right Now

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Happiness right now might feel like a slight distant memory, given the current circumstances but one thing this time has taught me, is the appreciate what we do have even if they are very small things. I thought I’d note down the things that are currently making me happy and it may inspire you, to think of the things that are bringing you happiness during this time.

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A few thing that are bringing me happiness during this time…

For me I have found this time easier than I expected, not to say that those who are struggling should feel bad because this is a scary and unknown time to many, but for me I have coped better than expected. Even through the unknown feelings I’ve had during furlough, I have really tried to just stay positive which is big thing in itself for me as I do often let the negative thoughts take over my mind on most occasions. So I thought i’d take some positives from the things that I have been doing, that have brought me some glimmer of happiness through these weird times.


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Another thing I have really enjoyed about the warmer weather, is enjoying freshly made cold smoothies out in the garden! I went through a phase a few years ago, where I loved smoothies and I kind of forgot just how good they taste! See below my recipe for a quick, yet oh so tasty berry smoothie.


– 1 banana – chopped

– handful of frozen fruit berries (I buy a bag of frozen fruit from Aldi and just use this as and when, so fresh fruit doesn’t go to waste)

– 150ml of water or milk, whatever you preference

– 1 scoop of LQ Skin, Hair & Nails Collagen Powder*

How To Make

Whack all the fruit in a blender, add the water/milk and whizz it up until smooth. Then add in one scoop of the LQ Skin, Hair & Nails Collagen Powder* and give it a further whizz. Then serve it up in a boujee glass and enjoy!

Personally for me, I’m not the biggest fan of taking vitamins or I just forget to take them, so I find getting them in within my food or drink to be a much easier alternative for me! Since I’ve started adding this LQ Skin, Hair & Nails Collagen Powder* (£34.99) to my smoothies, I’ve seen such a good improvement in the appearance of my skin and for the first time in a long time, my nails are feeling so strong! The powder itself contains 10,000mg of Marine Collagen per serving and is designed to support healthy skin, hair and nails. I’ve recently removed my acrylics during lockdown and have been embracing the natural look. So far my nails have continued to grow, and I haven’t had one breakage, which is a miracle in itself! If like me, you struggle to get a few extra vitamins into your diet, I’d really recommend trying out a supplement like this!


Reading in the Sunshine

With the weather being as lovely as it has, especially over the couple of bank holidays that we’ve had, I’ve found myself doing what I do best when I am on holiday. Sitting in the sun and getting lost in a good book! During lockdown I have really gotten into books, mainly because they are a fab way to distract yourself from scrolling through your phone endlessly and it makes the days go that little bit quicker! If you read my recent post where I shared what I’m watching, listening to and reading, you’ll of seen which books I’ve recently been reading. Since then I have also ordered and started reading The Flat Share (£4.50) and not gonna lie, I’m finding it hard to get into but I am going to persevere with it! Also since watching the Normal People series, I have ordered both the Normal People (£8.99) book and Conversations with Friends (£8.99) from the same author, and I CANNOT WAIT for them to arrive! Who knew books could bring me excitement and happiness!


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Cute Tee’s

One thing I have loved seeing through these times, are many brands, big and small coming together and creating some of the cutest motivational tee’s out there. I’ve seen a fair few of these tee’s being made for fundraising purposes, in order to fundraise for causes that really need all the help that they can get during this time.

A few weeks ago whilst watching Comic Reliefs Big Night In with my family, which if you haven’t watched I highly recommend you do because it was so good! Anywho back to the topic in hand, my Mum spied a tee that one of the presenters was wearing and with a quick google search I came to find that Comic Relief themselves had created this Love Wins Tee (£15). Unfortunately this has now sold out, and rightly so as they were created to support and amazing cause, and the design itself is beaut! Both my Mum and I ordered ourselves one and I am so pleased with this cute little tee! It’s so versatile to style with so many different things from MOM jeans, to cute printed skirts and the quality of the tee’s are actually really good! Much to my surprise as some charity tee’s can really scrimp out when it comes to quality but not this one. I also just love this tee! The message behind it, the design, the reasons it was created and how, even during a tough time it’s a lovely reminder that love is all around us and will always win! If that doesn’t bring you a bit of happiness, then I don’t know what will!

As well as this tee, there are loads of charity and cute slogan tee’s out there, all of which are raising money for some great charities. I have linked below a few for you to browse and potentially shop to support some amazing charities during this crazy time. The majority of the ones linked are fundraising money for our NHS, and I personally love all of them! If my bank account allowed me to buy one of each, and support these charities I honestly would!

So those are a few things that are helping to keep me positive and happy during these unknown times!

What things are bringing you happiness during this time?

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