A Self Tan Eraser You Need To Try

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If you’ve been a long time reader, you’ll know how much I love me some fake tan as I have reviewed countless tanning brands, and products over the years! Since we’re in lockdown and tanning is the only thing giving me some normality right now, I thought i’d share a good old fashioned review on a new self tan product I have recently been loving!

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A self tan eraser I am loving, and that you need to try..

There is honestly no better feeling than applying a good layer of fake tan, and waking up feeling like a bronzed goddess. However, we all can relate that when your fake tan starts to go patchy, there is nothing worse than trying to remove it without taking the top layer of your skin off. Am I right? Or am I right? For as long as I have been fake tanning, exfoliating your tan off just isn’t a process I will ever enjoy. It’s painful. It leaves your skin feeling irritated and dry, and then when you reapply your fake tan it clings to your skin even more. One product that has somewhat changed the tan removal process is self tan erasers, but for some reason I had never given them the time of day until Bali Body kindly sent over their brand new Self Tan Eraser* (£18.95).

Having launched just this month, the new Bali Body self tan eraser is designed to gently but effectively remove old, stubborn self tan in minutes and is enriched with nourishing ingredients to leave your skin smooth and fresh, ready for a new layer of tan. For me personally, I find that after maybe three/four days my tan will begin to wash off gradually but will always linger in the same areas of my body. For me my armpit/chest region, the fold/crease where you arm bends at your elbow and around my ankles are the worst areas where my tan lingers and just does not look pleasant in the slightest. However, since introducing this product into my tanning routine, I have seen a massive difference in how my tan applies, how my skin feels and overall how my tan fades.

For me, I apply tan around once a week usually on either a Thursday or a Friday, so that I am tanned for the weekend and even during lockdown i’ve stuck to this routine. Usually prior to tanning I will shower, exfoliate, shave etc just to fully prep for my tan to look the best it possibly can, and prior to showering I have been applying the self tan eraser just using my hands all over my body, and waiting 5-10 minutes for it to soak in. For me I can see the product getting to work before I’ve even got in the shower, which is mad but also amazing at the same time. I’ll then hop in the shower and with the Exfoliating Mitt* (£12.95) I will gently scrub at my skin to fully remove the tan, whilst exfoliating away dry/dead skin cells. The mitt itself is fab as it has an elasticated cuff that stops it from coming off whilst you’re scrubbing and I find it to be so gentle on the skin.

As i’ve mentioned, since introducing these products into my tanning routine has just improved it for the better. I find that the tan eraser really works to remove all of the stubborn tan that I once struggled to remove, and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and not irritated in the slightest. It also allows me to prep my skin to give a good base for when I am then applying another layer of my favourite Bali Body tan, and when I do I find the application to be absolutely seamless, as their isn’t any old tan lingering for it to cling to. All in all, if like me you love a bit of fake tan but you’ve never tried a tan eraser, I’d 100% recommend trying out this newest launch from Bali Body!

Have you used a tan eraser before?

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