A Skincare Range for Hydrated & Glowy Skin

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Following on from my previous post where I spoke about skincare products i’ve recently been reaching for, I have since been trying out some new products from the lovely brand Jurlique. I wanted to follow up from my previous post and share with you  my thoughts on these new skincare products that i’ve since added into my routine, and have been loving!

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*The products featured were kindly gifted by Jurlique.

A skincare range I’ve been loving for hydrated glowy skin..

During lockdown, skincare has been the only thing within my life that has maintained some sort of routine, which is a miracle in itself if i’m completely honest. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have really been trying to get a better skincare routine in place and only using products that I know are going to benefit my skin, rather than irritate it! This brings me to introduce you to Jurlique‘s new Rose Moisture Plus range, a beautiful range of products focused on providing your skin with the moisture it often lacks, through the use of natural and sustainable ingredients with rose extract being the main and focal point to this range.

About Jurlique

Jurlique is an Australian skincare brand who I have personally loved for years and have had the amazing opportunity to work with over my years of blogging, but with that aside is an amazing brand who’s priority is offering skincare that not only works but is sustainable. When Ulrike and Jurgen Klein founded Jurlique more than thirty years ago, they were determined to prove that nothing manufactured solely in a laboratory could rival the healing powers of nature. This drove them to apply their deep knowledge of botany, biochemistry, and natural healing to cultivate radiant, healthy looking skin. Their shared vision was to create a high performing, natural skin care collection, combining Nature’s transformative powers with state-of-the-art skin science.

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About The Range

As you can see, the products are encased in the most stunning rose pink packaging. Honestly if all of my skincare could be in this packaging I would not be complaining! I think it just looks so luxurious and I love that this entire range perfectly encases what this whole range is about, from the ingredients to the colour of the packaging. Within the range there is five products, all encased in this stunning packaging, with each product working in its own way to hydrate your skin to leave it looks glowy and feeling incredible.

My Thoughts

Since receiving this range around three weeks now, I have introduced all of the products into my skincare routine, using different products on different days dependant on what I think my skin needs for that day. Since i’ve not really been wearing any makeup, my skin has definitely improved but I have always suffered with somewhat dry/dull skin, so any products to add some form of moisture is always greatly welcomed.

Starting off with the Jurlique Rare Rose Serum* (£45) as I have been using this within my morning skincare routine, following cleansing my face with whatever cleanser I’m feeling. Serums for me aren’t something I use everyday, but I’ve found using this on days where my skin is feeling extra dry has been working wonders for my skin. The serum itself is quite milky in texture, light and absorbs fairly quickly into the skin. On days where I have a little more time, i’ll use my rose quarts roller to really get this into my skin and I find my skin is left feeling quite plump.

Following on from that, I’ll either go in with the Jurlique Rare Rose Lotion* (£35), or i’ll move straight onto moisturiser. For days where I do use the lotion, it’s for days where I’m not really planning on wearing makeup and I have the time to let the products work their magic on my skin. Being someone who suffers with sometimes sensitive skin, I do have to be careful with lotions and I always have found that they really irritate my skin but this has been lovely. It leaves my skin feeling slightly tacky for around 5/10 minutes after applying, in a good way because you know that the product is one that will slowly sink into your skin and I find that using this makes my skin look more glowy throughout the day.

For moisturisers, there are two within this range and both have slightly different formulas. My favourite of the two is the Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Gel Cream* (£35) and as the name suggests, this has a slightly more gel like consistency and I personally prefer more gel like formulas when it comes to moisturisers. I find them usually to be slightly less heavy on the skin and this product is exactly that. It has the lovely texture of a classic moisturiser, but is light on the skin and instantly adds hydration to the skin. The other moisturiser from this range is the Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Cream* (£35) which is a true, rich cream moisturiser which I also really like but not for day to day use. Typically I would use this probably more of an evening, to really allow the product to work it’s way into my skin as I personally, wouldn’t want to apply makeup straight after applying this but is still none the less a lovely moisturiser.

The final product in the range and typical the final product i’d use within my routine is the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist* (£49) and I have been loving mists recently! They’re a fab way to add instant hydration throughout the day, even if you’re wearing makeup and this one is up there with some of my favourite mists. The rose scent is just delightful and so refreshing, and I sometimes find when i’m feeling a bit stressed that it kind of helps me to chill out for a couple of minutes.

So those are my thoughts on some recent skincare additions from this lovely Jurlique range! If like me, you have dry skin that often looks dull, then I’d really recommend trying out this range.

Have you tried any products from Jurlique?

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