Little Ways To Add Personal Touches To Your Home

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For just under a year now I have been striving to make my home (aka my bedroom) truly represent me, my style and to feel as homely as I can possibly make it. I wanted to continue with my home content and share with you, ways in which I have been adding personal touches to my space, and how you can too!

add personal touches home

Adding personal touches to your home..

Whether you rent, live at home or are lucky enough to have your own home, I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to styling your space and sometimes struggling to know where to start. Granted I know that if I were to move out and have my own space that it would look very different to my current space, but thats the fun of moving. Getting a new canvas to play around with is exciting, but those beginning steps can often be hard and the last thing you want to do is waste money and time on something you don’t like. Through changing up my space I’ve learnt of small things that can instantly transform your home and without breaking the bank also!


For me prints are a great way to instantly transform your home. They add character, colour and interest into a room and also represent a little piece of you in some way. For me personally I love anything with a bit of wording, whether it be a quote or a phrase that resinates with me, and I find filling my space with these motivates me. Just reading them every now and then, fills me with pride, and can instantly pick me up on low days. Similarly to quotes, I also really love simple illustrations and I have added a few into my space over the past six months or so. A more recent addition into my room has been this Photowall Gently Poster* (from £33), which as you can see is this simple yet beautiful illustration. I love the added pink into this print as I do have small elements of pink within my space and this just ties in beautifully! They have a fab selection of other posters and prints to choose from, so be sure to check them out if you’re on the hunt for some new prints!

Also be sure to use discount code ‘styleandsplurging2021′ for 25% off.


One way that I personally loving adding more height and more areas to style, is through shelving! If you saw my recent bedroom makeover, you’ll see that I have a few shelves within my room with the shelf above my bed being a personal favourite of mine. I just find that they add more character and interest to what could potentially be a blank wall! I have a few of the Ikea Lack Shevles (£9) which give the floating look that I personally love but you can go for whatever suits your personal style! I also shared an entire separate post on styling shelves, so be sure to give that a read if you’re thinking of adding a few shelves into your space.

Homemade Pieces

Something I admire about other peoples homes, is when they have pieces that they’ve made themselves.For me it instantly adds a personal touch of character to a home and shows that they have an amazing creative side to them. During lockdown I’ve been doing a few bits of DIY and one thing that I have gotten into is making macrame pieces! I’ve always loved the look of macrame and being someone who used to love making friendship bracelets back in my school days, it felt like a skill i’d be able to pick up fairly easily and I was right! So far i’ve made this wall hanging piece (which i’m so chuffed with) and I have also made my day a plant hanger, which I nearly kept for myself! I have shared a little IGTV on how I made the macrame wall hanger, but really I have a few Youtube tutorials to thank also!

So those are just a few things that I personally do, to add personal touches into my home without breaking the bank!


What personal touches have you added to your space recently?

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