Fathers Day Gift Guide

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It’s that time of year again, time where I share probably one of my favourite style posts and that is of course, a gift guide! With Fathers Day just around the corner, I wanted to put together a post for you all with some ideas on what you could potentially gift your Dad this Fathers Day!

A gift guide for all things Fathers Day…

Looking back, it’s been a couple of years since I put together a Fathers Day gift guide and I have no idea why that is! I feel with most gift guides that I create, I always have a moan about how hard it is to shop for men. When in reality it’s not! Men are pretty easy going and the majority are happy with a card and a bottle of their favourite tipple or a box of chocolates. With that being said, I wanted to give a more updated gift guide to those i’ve shared previously, and I’m hoping this gift guide gives you some fab ideas on what to gift your Dad this Father’s Day!

(P.S Please have a scroll to the bottom where i’ve linked a small selection of Black owned businesses that we can all support this Fathers Day)

Men’s Beauty/Skincare

Now it wouldn’t be a Style & Splurging gift guide if I didn’t share multiple gift ideas, as you should all know by now that I love to go all out when it comes to gift guides and cover all possible gifting options! With my blog being focused around beauty, I wanted to also share a couple of beauty related items that would make really great gifts for your Dad this Fathers Day.

Starting with my favourite kind of beauty gift to give, and that is of course fragrance! For me personally, I find fragrance to be a lovely gift to give as it’s something that most people wouldn’t think to treat themselves to and I know from experience that my Dad really appreciates when I do gift him fragrances as I always get him something different, so it allows him to expand his fragrance collection. If you read my Christmas Fragrance Gifting post you’ll have seen that I always rave about Fragrance Direct as they always do some amazing deals on your favourite designer perfumes, and they always have amazing gift sets available.

nivea, fathers day,

Another brand that I often rave about is Nivea as I personally love their products, but they also do an amazing selection of products for men also! Now we all know the majority of men don’t exactly practice a skin care routine like us gals do, but Nivea have some amazing products that would be fab to gift this Fathers Day to encourage them a little more when it comes to skin care! Firstly we have the Nivea Men Sensitive Shower Gel for Body, Face & Hair* (£1) which is a great product as it allows men to multi task, and get not only one, but three uses out of this product. Enriched with bamboo extract, this product designed for more sensitive skin leaves skin feeling soothed and calm. Focusing more on the face, the Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash* (2.17) containing zero alcohol, works to remove any impurities from the skin and leaves the skin feeling clean, and refreshed! A fab product to then also use following on from the face wash, is the Nivea Men Sensitive Intensive Moisturiser* (£3.48), designed to provide all day relief and fights five signs of skin irritation usually caused through shaving and/or sensitive skin. Finally, if your Dad is someone who prefers the clean shaven look, adding in the Nivea Men Sensitive One Stroke Shaving Gel* (£5) to their grooming routine would again, make a thoughtful gift this Fathers Day!

Other Gift Ideas

On a more light hearted humorous gift are these Things To Do While You Poo Books* (£4.99) as we all know men like to spend a long while in the bathroom, and make it known! These books are amazing little books that have activities, word games, riddles, jokes and all sorts to help pass the time whilst on the loo and would just make for a lovely light hearted little gift this Fathers Day! If you fancy winning a set of these books for your Dad, make sure to head over to my Instagram giveaway post where you can win yourself or your Dad a set of these hilarious books!

Finally, I wanted to shine the light on a few mens/unisex brands all Black run/owned. If like me, you’re wanting to further support people of colour, please consider purchasing from these brands for your Fathers Day gift this year.

Sons of Hollis – Men’s Grooming & Beard Care
By Aaron Wallace – Men’s Haircare for Black Men
Our Lovely Goods – Homeware & Skincare
Cabbys Rum – Award Winning London based Rum Distillery
Dark Sugars – London based Dark Chocolatiers
DAMIHOW – Mens & Womens Gymwear

I hope you all enjoyed this gift guide, and I hope it gives you some lovely gift ideas. For me, I won’t be seeing my Dad this Fathers Day unfortunately, so he’ll be opening his presents via FaceTime this year but for those of you lucky enough to be spending the day with your Dads. I hope you all have a lovely day celebrating!

How are you celebrating this Father’s Day?

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