Recent Lockdown Beauty Buys

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Through lockdown and embarking on my recent no buy April, prior to lockdown I definitely just bought absolute tat for god knows what reasons and a lot of my purchases were quite impulse buys, that were not thought out what so ever. Through lockdown, I have really tried to cut back and only buy things I know I want but also need and I thought i’d share some of the lockdown beauty buys that i’ve recently added into my collection and have LOVED.

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Beauty buys i’ve loved through lockdown..

Although this blog was started through my love of beauty products, I do feel as if i’ve somewhat steered away from beauty related posts in the last few months and I am trying to get back to sharing a little more beauty content. Having said that, it’s also really difficult to do that when I don’t really buy any new new products. As i’ve found products I love and often repurchase just those, of which most of them i’ve shared/reviewed a fair few times over on here. I’m kind of waffling by this point, but the point i’m trying to make is that I want to share more beauty content and I thought what better way to start, than to share some recent beauty purchases and that I’ve somewhat needed, and have loved having as an addition to my beauty collection.

Back in the summer last year, I spoke about ways in which you can be more beauty green and that is something that has continued but more behind the scenes. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect. No one is, but I do try where I can and considering prior to lockdown I was using at least one wet wipe a day (some biodegradable, some not), this was something I wanted to change/break. Now I already own a few Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads (£9.99) and use them on a weekly basis, but i’d seen a fair few people raving about reusable facial cleansing pads and I spotted these Lacura 3 Reusable Makeup Remover Pads (£3.99) in my local Aldi a couple of weeks back. I’ve been using them pretty much daily, in rotation with your normal flannel/muslin cloth and my god they are a game changer. They’re super handy for removing makeup, but I find them so much better to use for removing eye makeup! They also come with a little wash bag, so you can easily throw them in the wash and not worry about them getting damaged. Unfortunately these aren’t available online, but if you shop in Aldi on the regular then make sure to check out the middle aisles for these!

Onto a couple of nail related items as I knew I wouldn’t be able to get to my nail lady anytime soon! Luckily I already have my own gel nail lamp, but I was somewhat limited on shades so I thought some new shades were in order! I already own a couple of shades from Semilac and I find that the quality of their polishes to be absolutely amazing, and one shade that i’ve my eye on for a while is Semilac Sexy Red* (£8.75). I haven’t had my nails a true red for quite some time now, and I just love how sassy a red nail can make you feel! For me I find using both the Semilac Base Coat* (£8.75) and the Semilac Top Coat* (£8.75) to give the best results when using Semilac polishes, as the base coat allows you to give a nice, smooth base for the polish to cling to and the top coat seals the colour in place. I used to find my gels would peel really easily but since introducing the base coat it has stopped any peeling!

If you’re thinking of making an order, make sure to use my discount code ‘CHM10’ for 10% off!

Finally a couple of skincare focused items that I ordered from The Ordinary, a brand i’ve tried a few products from but hadn’t really delved further into until around a month ago. For some time i’ve seen many bloggers/influencers raving about The Ordinary Peeling Solution (£6.30) and how it’s amazing for acne prone skin. Now I wouldn’t say I suffer as bad as I used to, but I do get hormonal spots around my chin area a lot, and since bringing this into my skincare routine it has changed my skin. Now I would recommend doing your research on this before buying it, as it can be quite dangerous if you aren’t experienced with using acids on your skin, but when used correctly it works wonder. To begin with I was using this once a week, applying it for ten minutes top (as recommended), washing it off, applying an overnight moisturiser to stop any dryness and slathering the face SPF on the following day. Once I felt comfortable, I upped using it to twice a week for only a couple of weeks, and it continued to work wonders and I can’t remember the last time I had a cystic spot on my chin area. I’m now back to using this once a week, and I cannot rave about how much this has changed my skin over the last 5/6 weeks!

Another product from the same brand is The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid (£5.90) which I purchased, knowing i’d be using the previous product. With the peeling solution, it can leave your skin somewhat dry and in need of a bit of hydration so I purchased this to use as an additional step before applying my daily moisturiser just to give my skin all the hydration it could get. I’ve since continued to use this most days as it’s just fab! I forgot how much my skin likes a bit of hyaluronic acid and if you suffer with slightly dull/dry skin, i’d recommend introducing this into your skincare routine!

So those are the few random beauty buys i’ve made during lockdown!

What beauty buys have you made during lockdown?

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