My First Impressions on Typology Skincare

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Through lockdown one thing I have been loving is skincare, which will come as no surprise if you’re an avid reader of this little space of the internet. A brand that I have recently discovered is the Parisian brand Typology. As I have been trying a few products from for around a month or so now, and I thought it was about time to share with you my first impressions on Typology skincare and which products have really impressed me so far!

First Impressions on Typology skincare, flatlay, skincare,

My First Impressions on Typology Skincare…

As I’ve mentioned a few times now through various blog posts, skincare has been one of the only consistent things during lockdown that I have used on daily basis, as wearing makeup on the daily has completely gone out of the window. Although i’m not wearing makeup as much, it has still been important to be keep up with some form of skincare routine during this time and my skin has really thanked me for it, as it is looking the best it ever has. Typically prior to lockdown, I didn’t really venture into trying that many newer skincare products as my skin has always been somewhat on the sensitive side, but lockdown has really allowed me to slowly introduce different products to learn how my skin reacts to them, to then see if I can add these products into my daily skincare routine. With all that being said, over the last couple of months I have slowly been trying out a few products from Typology and so far my skin has reacted really well to their products, so here are my first impressions on Typology skincare.

First Impressions on Typology skincare, flatlay, skincare, About Typology

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Typology, they are Parisian, all natural skincare brand who have recently launched online here in the UK. Their ethos is to create good skincare without the false promises that many other skincare brands give the consumer. They’re not about adding fancy ingredients in order to get customers interested, instead they have stripped their formulas back to use only the very best performing active ingredients, in order to provide a premium all natural skincare range, for all skin types.

As part of their brand ethos, they believe good quality skincare is defined by the quality of the ingredients used and their use of raw ingredients is sentiment to this. Everyone of their products is made using raw, natural and usually edible ingredients, such as avocado oil or cranberry oil. Not only do they believe in using all natural ingredients within their products, but they also carry this ethos through into the sourcing of these ingredients where they strive to find the best possible ingredients across France and Europe, all of which are sourced and extracted ethically using gentle extraction techniques.

As well as sourcing the best ingredients, they also use the best forms of sustainable and recyclable packaging, in the hope that they will leave little to no trace within todays environment. Using glass for smaller products and recyclable plastic for their more heavy/chunkier products in order to not add unwanted weight. They’re tube products are made of aluminium, which as we all know is the only recyclable material that doesn’t lose it’s quality, no matter how many times it is recycled. Pretty fab right?! But it also works to keep your products fresher for longer!

They think of everything in order to carry the brands sustainable ethos through every step of the process. They use sustainable transportation, flat packaging to reduce carbon footprint and only sell online in order to offer premium quality skincare at an affordable price. For me this is so impressive, and if you’re like me, and i’m sure many others out there who are wanting to try to do more for the environment through the products and brands that you buy from, then Typology is definitely one to consider looking more into when it comes to skincare!




When I was first approached by Typology, they asked me to describe my skins profile in terms of my skin type and my skins needs. I advised that my skin is what I would describe as dull and sometimes dry, with blocked pores around my t-zone and that I also suffer with hormonal acne around my chin, and then from this they would create a personal skincare regime tailored to my skin. Safe to say I was blown away when my impressively packed parcel arrives, with an abundance of products to try out, so let’s get into my first impressions on Typology skincare.


Starting off with the first step of my skincare routine, the Typology Hydrating Palmarosa Facial Soap* (£11.80) was the first product I tried out and I have been using this near enough everyday since. Containing just three ingredients; Palmarosa which promotes skin regeneration, Verberina to cleanse and purify and lemongrass oil to give a citrusy fruity scent, this cleansing bar had me intrigued from the get go. For quite some time, whenever my skin was going through a rough patch I would always go back to using a simple bar of soap to just give it a good clean, so now switching to a specially formulated facial soap, I was excited to say the least. I use this both morning and night, lathering up the bar in my hands with warm water, applying all over the face and down my neck, and then removing with a warm wet flannel. Typically of an evening I will use this as my second cleanse if i’m wearing a full face of makeup just to ensure I have removed all traces of any product, but on days where i’m makeup free I opt for just this. The soap itself smells incredible with it’s zesty lemon scent, and leaves my skin feeling not only clean, but soft unlike your typical hand soap bar which usually leaves your skin feeling stripped. All in all my first impressions on this facial soap has surpassed any expectations I had, and is definitely a product I will continue to use as part of my daily skincare routine.

As well as the facial soap, I have also been using the Typology Micellar Water* (£12.80) which is made up of just seven ingredients, and I have been using this to remove any eye and brow makeup prior to cleansing, as I’m not a fan of using soaps on my eye area. Now I’ve used plenty of micellar waters in the past, and they’re alright but they aren’t a product that I would use on a daily basis in all honesty as I do typically find it quite drying on the eye area. However, this has completely changed my opinion on micellar waters as this not only removes my eye makeup, but it leaves the skin around my eyes not feeling irritated one bit.

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Moving onto a type of product that I hadn’t really heard of before prior to using these products, and this is a hydrolate or also known as a plant water. Typology have a range of hydrolates formulated for different skin types to be used following cleansing morning and evening. For my skin, I have the Typology Peppermint Hydrolate* (£8.80) which is formulated for combination, oily, acne prone and sensitive skin, and has so many incredible uses. It is aimed to purify the skin and relieve inflammation, but this is all kinds of inflammation including scarring, hyperpigmentation, psoriases, sunburn and hives. Incredible right! I’ve been using these kind of like a tonic/toner and I typically apply this to any areas where I have any blemishes or redness and the peppermint just really helps to soothe those areas/problems.


Hands down my favourite kind of skincare product, of course a moisturiser as my skin just laps up any kind of moisturiser that I apply to it. I usually opt for more hydrating, gel style moisturiser over creamy ones as I find they sink in so much quicker and it means I can get on with applying my makeup when i’m in a rush of the morning. For my skin, I have the Typology Aloe Vera Gel* (£9.80) and I completely forgot about the amazing healing benefits of aloe vera gel. It’s my go to during the summer when I burn as it’s amazing for sun burn, so I don’t know how I didn’t put two and two together to think this would make for a great moisturiser. I’ve been applying this as my night time moisturiser for around two weeks now and my skin just feels incredible come the next morning. I have also been using this as an aftersun, as I did catch the sun a little whilst in Plymouth last weekend and it has been a dream at just soothing any redness.


Finally onto the last product category; serums and acids, which I have been experimenting more with through lockdown and my skin has changed for the better. For a while now I have been using a variety of hyaluronic acids and the Typology Hydrating Serum* (£11.80) has been one within my rotation that I have been LOVING. I typically apply this of an evening as I personally find most hyaluronic acids to leave a slight residue that then almost crumbles when you apply foundation, so I steer clear of a morning. If you suffer from dull, dry skin and you have not tried a hyaluronic acid, then you need to! Another serum I have really been enjoying is the Typology Exfoliating Serum* (£11.80) which is essentially a glycolic acid, that works as an exfoliant for blemishes or acne prone skin. I have been using this as and when i’ve had a build up of blackheads or spots, and my word I don’t know what I did before this because it’s amazing. When I apply this, I instantly feel it working to exfoliate dead skin cells and tighten my pores, and come the morning my skin and blemishes look 10x better than the day before.

So those are my first impressions on Typology skincare, of which I have absolutely loved introducing into my skincare regime. I do have a few more products from Typology to try out as I haven’t had chance to yet, but I’m sure I’ll report back as and when I do. As I’ve already said, if you’re wanting to try out more natural and eco friendly skincare products, then Typology will be right up your street!

Have you tried any skincare products from Typology?

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