What I’ve Learnt Through Lockdown

As lockdown restrictions have been slowly easing over the last couple of weeks and as I am getting back into more of a normal routine now that i’m back at work pretty much full time, I thought I’d take this time to somewhat reflect as I have been in a couple of my recent posts. I feel that for many of us, lockdown has highlighted a few things to many of us and we’ve all learnt some things, so I thought i’d share what I’ve learnt through lockdown.

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If you’ve been a reader for my blog for a while, then you’ll no doubt know that at the beginning of April I was put onto furlough and only in the last couple of weeks have I returned to work. Seventeen weeks off work really does give you all of the time to essentially do all of things you have been meaning to do, but just haven’t had the time to. It’s also given me a lot of time to think about many things, try out new hobbies and also to appreciate the littlest of things that I probably completely dismissed before hand. I think many of us have been in a similar boat, but all in all lockdown has been quite a positive thing for me and less of a negative. So here are a few things that I am taking from this whole experience and what I’ve learnt through lockdown.

Working Out From Home Is Easier Than I Thought

One thing that I thought I was going to struggle with during lockdown and furlough was keeping up with some sort of exercise routine. What with the gyms closing and the lack of equipment that I have at home, I was slightly worried that the hard work I had been putting in before hand was going to fully go down the drain. Now, I need to say a massive thank you to the lads at FittAF who took it upon themselves to put on weekly live workouts through the entirety of lockdown. Not only were they providing essentially free classes, but they were also providing a sense of community during what has been a somewhat lonely time for those who were living alone during lockdown. As well as the free live workouts, little me won eight weeks of online coaching with the FittAF team and over the course of those eight weeks I found a sense of normality through a new workout routine and I also managed to lose just under 5KG. I cannot remember the last time that I was as motivated as I was over those eight weeks, and that motivation has only continued. So much so I have completely cancelled my gym membership, because I absolutely love working out from home and making use of the outdoors as much as I can.

I Actually Enjoy Being Outdoors

As I mentioned in the previous, making the most of the outdoors and ensuring the I got out at least once a day during lockdown became essential for my mood and mental health during, as it was one of the only things we were allowed to do at one point. Of course the glorious weather that we had through May/June contributed to wanting to be outdoors more, but I found joy in just going on a short walk around my local area and having some time to just get out of the house, and to clear my head. As well as going on short walks, I also really got into running during lockdown. I had already began trying to pick up running more prior to lockdown, but I really found a new level of motivation and enjoyment of getting out and running a 5K every weekend. Granted I haven’t been on a run for a few weeks now, purely because it has just been far too hot these last few weekends but it is one thing that I am so proud to have put my mind to and really pushed myself to do during lockdown.

Some Friendships Aren’t What I Thought They Were

A slightly less positive lesson that I learnt through lockdown, but i’m sure many have also found themselves feeling a similar way and that is, that some friendships weren’t what they were all cracked up to be. Some of my friendships have really thrived through lockdown and I am even closer to some friends, but then i’ve had other friendships that really surprised me during lockdown. Without sounding like a total d*ck, because I know everyone has been through many different emotions during lockdown but I really feel that some people who I thought would be there a bit more during lockdown, weren’t. I’m kind of over it now and hopefully these friendships will mend themselves in time, but for now i’m just going to focus on myself and the friendships that I truly cherish.

Reading Has Been A Great Escape

One thing I really got stuck into during lockdown was reading. I’ve always enjoyed reading, especially when on holiday as there is nothing better to do to pass the time whilst you’re chilling on a sun lounger. Sadly there was no chance of a holiday, but the weather made it feel like we were in Spain through lockdown and what with some extra time on my hands, I really got stuck into some reads that many people were raving about. I mentioned in my post, when I shared A Few Things Bringing Me Happiness Right Now that I was enjoying reading in the sunshine more and having some much needed time off my phone. I’ve gotten that much into reading that I have set up a Good Reads account and I’ve set myself a goal of reading fifteen books this year, which fingers crossed, I am hoping I can achieve.

Living at Home Isn’t That Bad

Now for some, still living at home come 27 would be a big no for some and for me I too would have preferred to have moved out by now, but with that comes actually being able to afford to. Through lockdown and having literally breathed the same air as my parents for a solid seventeen weeks, you can imagine that some days I really enjoyed just getting out for my hours exercise a day (lol). On the other hand, I do feel that it has changed things for the better. Small things, but still small things can amount to big things. Does that mean I want to live at home forever? No. But has it made me think about rushing into moving out? Yes.

So those are the lessons I am taking from lockdown and surprisingly I didn’t expect to learn, what I have learnt through lockdown.

What have you learnt through lockdown?