3 Female Empowerment Books You Need to Read

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Through lockdown reading became something that I did on a daily basis and it is something I am trying to continue post lockdown, albeit I have slacked a tad these last few weeks. Having said that, I wanted to continue to share my thoughts on the books I have been reading and I have found myself really getting stuck into female empowerment books, of which I too think any gal would enjoy reading!

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When anyone discusses the topic of female empowerment, you’re automatically met with people assuming you’re big into feminism and don’t get me wrong, I am a massive advocate for equal rights for women but i’m also not someone who shouts about it. That’s just me, and I shall continue to do me. When I think of female empowerment, I think of things that make each woman feel empowered in a way that is personal to them and the following female empowerment reads that I am going to share with you have personally made me feel empowered in some sort of way. They cover a wide range of topics including feminism, race, depression and other topics that are still considered very taboo, when really they are things that all of us gals (and guys) face through day to day life and should be spoken about freely, as they are within these reads.

Queenie – Candice Carty – Williams

My favourite read of the year and one that I have spoken about a few times is Queenie. I didn’t expect to open this book and love it as much as I did. So much so that I read it back to back in around a week. Queenie is such a funny, loveable and relatable character to many girls and with every chapter I read, the more staggeringly I related to her character and life experiences of romance, friendships and just generally feeling lost in your 20’s. Like myself i’m sure many who have read this, read it off the back of the #BlackLivesMatter movement as so many influencers (including myself, read my Black Lives Matter Resources Guide), articles and friends were recommending this as not only a great chick-lit book, but also an insightful read into the racism that most, if not all Black women face still to this day. It’s safe to say this book re-confirmed everything I already knew and then some when it comes to racism, especially racism here in the UK.

This book made me really stop and think at many poignant points through this book that no one knows what anyone else is going through, and that we all deserve love, even when we don’t feel that we do. It made me feel not alone, especially through certain life experiences where I have felt like I am the only person going through something, when in reality we’re all going through something. It re-confirmed that you should always keep your friendships close and your circle tight, and if you lose friends along that way, that is okay! Oh and men are trash, always! Definitely one to add to your reading list especially if you’re looking for female empowerment books!

Queenie (£8.99)

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty – Florence Given

A read that is fully doing the rounds amongst the gals I follow on Instagram is Women Don’t Owe You Pretty and rightly so, because it is an amazing read! Truth be told I’m only around a third into this book, so I can’t give a full review but I can tell you that I am loving every second of this book. It’s obviously more of a self help style book all about feminism, rather than a fiction book but I personally love books like this as they are super motivational and really open your eyes to so many things around you that you wouldn’t have known of before.

This book is advertised as an accessible leap into feminism and it is exactly that! If you’re like me, someone who already knows the basics but wants to learn more without it being too much, then this read is for you. I definitely think this book is aimed at a younger audience, early to late twenties or a similar age bracket to that of Florence, as I resinate massively with her narrative and the way she talks about society and how I, and many women are treated today. So far it has opened my mind up more to things and subjects that I knew, but it dives further in and really makes you think. Makes you think about yourself. About experiences you’ve maybe had and how you dumbed down your feelings in that situation because that is what is expected of us women, when in fact that shouldn’t be the case what so ever. What I also love about this book is the funky illustrations and artworks! It makes the read more fun and shows that Florence wants to be bold and make a statement with this read, and she does exactly that!

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty (£12.99)

The Existence of Amy – Lana Grace Riva*

Moving back to fiction here with The Existence of Amy, a read centred around the character of Amy who has a deep deep battle with OCD, depression and social anxiety. Although potentially a triggering read for some, it’s also a great and empowering read to open your mind to the types of battles people can and do have with their mental health, and how they deal with it. Amy on the outside is a very normal person, who comes across as shy and introverted young girl, when in reality her depression, OCD and mental health struggles control every part of her day to day life and routine.

Again, I haven’t finished this read as of yet but so far I am gripped by the storyline. I personally love fiction books written in the first person as I find them so much easier to follow along with, and Lana’s writing style has kept me wanting to know and read more each time I pick this book up. It really allows you to see inside Amy’s mind and how someone who suffers with mental health issues really thinks. It’s an insightful, sad, yet brilliant read and although I personally haven’t suffered with the mental health issues discussed, it really helps you open your mind to those who do and how you can potentially help/treat anyone who does.

The Existence of Amy (£6.99)*

So those are a few female empowerment books that I have read/am reading and have really enjoyed reading! If you’re looking for new books to read to make you feel empowered, or to learn more around many trials and tribulations us women face in todays world, then these books may be of interest to you!

What books have you read recently?

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