A Few Goals for The Rest of 2020

In a few recent blog posts I have done a lot of reflecting on 2020 this far. I even reflected on my goals six months on, and with that post and the goals I spoke about in mind, it got me thinking about the remainder of 2020 and what I would like to achieve before we say goodbye to 2020. That being said, I thought i’d share a few goals for the rest of 2020 to work towards and see whether I manage to achieve them come the end of the year.

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So here are a few goals for the rest of 2020 to work towards!

Although 2020 has gone very differently as planned for pretty much everyone out there, it hasn’t been all that doom and gloom for me personally and i’ve taken as many positives as I can from lockdown, furlough etc and I do feel like i’ve come out of the whole experience a lot more positive, but also expecting a lot less from people, life and just experiences in general. With that in mind, I thought this would make for a positive blog post and one to look back on come the end of the year. So here are a few goals for the rest of 2020!

Work even harder on my Instagram & hopefully reach 2K followers

I want to start off and say, I know its not all about the numbers but it is amazing when you hit milestones on things/projects that you put a lot of work, time and dedication into. If you follow my Instagram and have done for a while you will have hopefully seen a massive change in the content I have been sharing this year and how different my theme is looking. For the first time ever I am so proud of the content I am producing and I am loving dabbling in newer content including IGTV’s and Instagrams latest feature of Reels. So for the remainder of 2020 I want to continue to push myself with the content I am creating and i’m hoping that I do finally reach 2K followers, because it would be a hell of an achievement for me.

Push myself more with running and finally run a 10K!

I’ve mentioned here and there that through lockdown I really got into running and for a solid two months I ran a 5K once a week, which is something so not me, but I loved it! Since going back to work and not having as much spare time on my hands I have massively slacked on the running front, as I haven’t been for a run now for around 6 weeks which is totally okay, but I don’t want to just completely give up on running. For me it’s having the motivation to get out there and actually get the run done, and with the autumn months fast approaching I know i’m going to be even less motivated then. So one of my goals for the rest of 2020, whilst the weather is still somewhat nice, pushing myself to get out for a run at least once or twice a month is going to be high on my goal list and I am hoping I can psych myself up to try a 10K run. Wish me luck!

Go on a staycation!

Now this isn’t really a goal in terms of personal development, but a goal I wanted to tick off this year was to travel more and with Covid ruining those plans, staycations and exploring the UK more has definitely been the better or only option for a lot of people. I’m quite lucky that my Dad lives in Plymouth, so I have gotten a few short breaks there, but it would be nice to get out and explore somewhere in the UK that I haven’t before. I’m thinking Brighton, Scotland or somewhere just completely different to anywhere I have been before. If you have any recommendations, drop them in the comments!

So those are a few goals for the rest of 2020 and i’m hoping that by setting a few realistic goals that I won’t find it too hard to achieve these goals!

What are your goals for the rest of 2020?

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