I’ve Moved Out!

That’s it, you’ve read that correctly! I have finally taken the next step in ‘adult hood’ and I’ve moved out from my family home after twenty seven years of living at home and it felt right to of course document and share this next chapter and exciting change within my life, with you here on my blog and give you all the low down on the big move!

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I’ve moved out and I’m so so excited!

As I’m sat writing this I am currently at my parents house, after spending the entire day moving the majority of my furniture and belongings that I have accumulated over the last twenty seven years into my new house share in the beautiful town of Cheltenham! For a while now I have toying with the idea of taking the next step in life of moving out, but truth be told I was slightly apprehensive with everything going on with Covid and that kind of put everything on pause up until a few weeks ago when I started looking, and happened to stumble on a great room, in a great house share and a great location.

I’d been kind of keeping it all quiet until all of the paperwork was all finally signed and the keys were firmly in my hand, but yep I am officially a Cheltenham resident and I couldn’t be more excited to have this fresh start and new place to call my home! Some of you may wonder what made me pick Cheltenham and I actually picked it for a number of reasons. The main reason is that it’s a shorter commuting distance to work, meaning i’ll be saving on milage and fuel, but also because I have a fair few work colleagues who I’m also lucky to also call friends who also live in Cheltenham. For me it was important to move somewhere that I am fairly familiar with, but also somewhere where I would actually know people and have the opportunity to make further friends in a city not too far from home.

It’s quite funny, because only a few weeks ago I mentioned in my blog post where I spoke about What I’ve Learnt Through Lockdown that I wasn’t in a rush to move out, and here we are! It’s funny how these things happen, but I really do feel like I have manifested this quietly for a few years and I’m so excited to finally be able to say ‘I’ve moved out!’ and to be able to tick that off on the list of things many hope to achieve at some point in your life. I’m not saying that you have to move out or feel the pressure to move out at a young age. I mean i’m 27, but sometimes you stop yourself from growing as person through not pushing yourself from time to time and I’m so excited to see where this new chapter takes me!

 So that is my little life update and giving you the low down on moving out! I’ve also made a new Instagram account dedicated to all things home, so make sure you give that a follow!

Have any of you recently moved out for the first time?