Summer Skincare Favourites

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With the cooler weather slowly creeping in on us and with October coming closer and closer I’ve slowly beginning to switch things up in terms of my skincare and also body products for the transition into Autumn. With that being said, through the warmer months that we were blessed with during lockdown and the sunny spells we’ve had over the last couple of weeks, I wanted to share with you a few of my summer skincare favourites with you.

summer skincare favourites,

Let’s talk about some of my summer skincare favourites..

Like many of you, my skin concerns and choice of body products change constantly through the year depending on the weather. Through the summer months i’m all about being tanned (fake tanned of course), smelling fresh and protected in terms of SPF, but the winter months are very different. I’m all about hydration, as my skin tends to turn very dry during the winter months and I’m all about any products that help to keep my dull skin looking less dull and more hydrated. As i’m beginning to transition my skincare picks for the cooler months ahead, I thought i’d share some new finds and old favourites that i’ve been reaching for through the Summer this year.


Starting off with a few face skincare items that I’ve really relied on through the warmer months to really help protect my skin, but to also keep it nice and hydrated. I briefly touched on a few skincare items in my Mid Year Beauty Favourites, of which I too have loved through the Summer but the products I am about to talk about are ones that have really saved my skin! Starting off with probably the most important product anyone should be using during Summer, and that is of course SPF. It’s a product i’ve never really used or thought about before, but this year the Vitage Skin Defence SPF30* (£26) has been a welcomed addition to my daily skincare routine. With SPF I always worry about using it on my face as my skin can be quite sensitive and SPF typically breaks my skin out, but this is great. It’s lightweight, not greasy and I find my foundation/makeup doesn’t look or act any different with this underneath. What is also great is that I can ensure my face is covered for the day.

Moving onto evening skincare and a product I have been using to remove my eye makeup, is the Typology Micellar Water* (£12.80). I typically prefer to use a face wipe to remove my eye makeup, but I am trying to cut down/find more eco friendly methods and this is where using this micellar water comes in. Popping a few splashes of this onto a reusable cotton pad and wiping over my eyes really helps to break down any eye makeup and I find this doesn’t irritate them like other eye makeup removers have in the past. Another product i’ve been using as part of my evening skincare routine is the Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid (£5.90). I’ve mentioned this product before so I won’t babble on for too long, but it’s a great product to pop on your skin of an evening, to then makeup in the morning and have your slightly dull skin feel hydrated and a lot less dull.

summer skincare favourites,


With having fare skin, I am not one of these people who will catch a lovely sunkissed natural tan during the Summer months, so I have to fake it all year round. I’ve reviewed and spoken about many tans through my years of blogging and my go to’s have always been a mousse based formula as I find they just work for me. They don’t leave you with any streaks, they last well and generally give me a good colour. Having said that, I have found that the up keep and maintenance to be a bit laborious and a few friends have mentioned using a gradual tan in-between applications in order to keep the colour, but without having to do the whole fake tan routine. This is where the Nivea Q10 Firming & Radiance Gradual Tan* (£5.99) comes into play and has been a much welcomed addition into my fake tanning routine. It’s a lovely moisturiser and gradual tan in one that applies like a dream, sinks into your skin and just revives my tan between each application. Typically I apply this the same way I do a mousse tan, using a mitt and leaving it to dry/develop overnight. It has a lovely scent to it that smells like summer in a bottle, which is a great because most gradual tans that I have tried just smell so fake tan like, that it puts me off massively! If you’re looking for a product to top up your tan in-between applications or you prefer a gradual tan, i’d recommend trying this out!

Body Products

Moving onto a couple of body products that I’ve really enjoyed using through the summer months and no doubt will take into the winter months also! I don’t know about anyone else, but I find that overtime certain deodorants stop working. Why? I have no idea, but I’m always switching up my deodorants just so i’m never caught out. A recent addition into the rotation has been the Nivea Dry Fresh Deodorant* (£1.60) and its been great! I’ve found that this works wonders to keep me feeling fresh on the warmer days we’ve had, but its also been great for workouts too! If you’re on the hunt from a new deodorant, i’d really recommend trying this out. Another product that I’ve enjoyed using to make me smell nice is the Nivea Fresh Blends Raspberry* (£2),which is a new shower gel release from Nivea and it smells incredible! They have a few scents in this and if like me you love a fruity shower gel, this is one to definitely try!

So those are the summer skincare favourites! Although all of these products can of course be used all year round, i’ve really enjoyed using and discovering these products, and would really recommend you trying them out if you haven’t already!

What skincare products have you discovered through Summer?

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