Adding Simple Autumnal Touches to Your Home

One thing that I have been beyond excited to do this year, is to decorate my space and make it feel all autumnal, cosy and festive AF! Typically Christmas is the only time I go all out but this year I’ve been feeling really festive, so I thought why not go all out?! With that in mind, I wanted to share some ideas with you on how you too can go about adding simple autumnal touches to your home!

Adding Simple Autumnal Touches to Your Home, autumn decor,

A few ways to add simple autumnal touches to your home..

Since moving out from home I’ve found that my ultimate goal is to make my space feel as cosy as possible and I have been super excited to decorate my space for autumn! Of course I can’t go all out like some as I live in a house share, but that isn’t going to stop me from making my room feel and look all autumnal. I’ve been pinning away over on my Autumn Decor Pinterest board to give me some ideas on what I can do with my little space and I thought I’d share with you how you can go about adding simple autumnal touches to your home!

Halloween Decorations

The easiest and most affordable option in my opinion to add simple autumnal touches to your home is going to town with the cheap Halloween decorations that you can pick up from places like B&M, Poundland and Wilko! You can always count on them for some really impactful decorations to deck your space out with, but you can also find smaller and more subtle decorations if you’re not one for going all out. I picked up this really cute Pumpkin Garland (£1) from Wilko and as you can see I’ve hung this around my shelving unit to frame it and to give it a small autumnal halloween touch!

Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins!

With pumpkins and mini squashes being stocked seasonally in most major supermarkets, using them as part of your autumnal decor is not only easily accessible but also super affordable! I bloody love how pumpkins look when styled within home decor and you can also use them afterwards to make a yummy autumn soup! As you can see, I have opted to display a few different sized pumpkins and squashes together on top of my shelves, along with some Faux Tea Light Candles (50p each) and I just love how this looks! I actually picked up my pumpkins from Churchfields Pumpkin Patch and then I got my squashes from Aldi, but you obviously don’t have to go pumpkin picking if you can’t/don’t want to.

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Cosy Blankets & Cushions

Another way that I personally love to make your space feel all autumnal and cosy, is to add all of the cosy blankets and cushions to snuggle up in, in front of the TV. Now unfortunately I don’t have the storage for the amount of blankets and cushions that I would want, but I have linked a few below that I think would make a great addition to anyones home this Autumn! I also recently shared What I’ve Been Watching on Netflix Recently, so if you want to cosy up with your blankets on a Sunday and binge a new series, hopefully you’ll find something from those recommendations you will love!

Autumnal Candles

One of the best ways you can go about adding simple autumnal touches to your home is through candles and scents! There is nothing more cosy and autumnal than filling your home with spicy autumnal scents to make you just feel all warm and content! Unfortunately for me I can’t actually burn candles where I live, so i’m turning to reed diffusers and I’ve currently got my eye on Next Festive Spice Set of Diffusers (£10) and I may end up treating myself when my current one has ran out! However, if you can burn candles where you live, then Home Sense is your number one stop. I recently visited my local store and they had so many festive spicy scented candles in stock, so no doubt you’ll find a scent that you love!

Adding Simple Autumnal Touches to Your Home

Autumnal Flowers

Last but not least on adding simple autumnal touches to your home, autumnal flowers! I absolutely love filling a space with flowers as they add a lovely touch of colour and they just make your space feel all homely. Last weekend on my weekly food shop to Aldi I picked up this lovely selection of roses and lilies, and these really cute halloween flower decorations to add to my flowers. Although these are quite simple and were very minimal effort wise, you can of course go all out and buy multiple bouquets to mix together to make the ultimate autumnal flower display!

So those are a few ways that you can go about adding simple autumnal touches to your home!

Are you going to decorate for autumn/halloween?