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We all know I absolutely love my skincare and through each season I always switch up the products that i’m using and reaching for, depending on my skin concerns. I thought, seeing as I shared with you my Summer Skincare Favourites that I’d continue and share with you what products Autumn skincare products I am currently reaching for and the skin concerns I am currently facing.

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A little Autumn skincare edit of some products I am loving!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I always find that as the weather starts to turn colder and the evenings start to draw in earlier, my skin just has an absolute melt down and that is exactly what it is doing right now. My hormonal acne is really acting up and I don’t think having to wear a mask is helping what so ever and just in general my skin is a lot drier and itchier as a result of this. Thankfully as i’ve gotten older, I know how my skin is likely to be as the seasons change and nine times out of ten I know what type of products will do the trick!

Blemishes & Blocked Pores

One thing that my skin absolutely depends upon during the colder months is a good few face masks, with each one doing different things for my skin. Typically once or twice a week I will use one of these few face masks depending on my skin concerns. As I mentioned, my hormonal acne has been all over the place at the moment and my chin/jawline just doesn’t seem to clearing up. My favourite masks to use when I’m facing these issues are exfoliating and intensive drying masks to help draw out any impurities, whilst exfoliating away any dead skin. A long old favourite of mine has been the Origins Clear Improvement Mask (£25), which is an activated charcoal mask that really works to draw out any dirt/impurities from your blocked pores but also exfoliates at the same time. I personally love using this one of an evening when i’m having a proper pamper session, and I even add some cucumber to my eyes for full effect!

Another couple of face masks i’ve been enjoying are from Temple Spa, a luxury spa brand that I have recently discovered and I am just obsessed with them. Similarly to the previous product i’ve mentioned, I have been enjoying using the Temple Spa Power Breakfast Face Scrub & Mask* (£28) for when I want to give my skin a good scrub. I really like to use this at the end of week, after a busy week at work where i’ve no doubt got remnants of makeup on my face that i’ve somehow missed (we’ve all been there). As the name suggests, this literally smells like a breakfast oat smoothie and the gritty bits within the formula of this really work to get into your skin to give it a good scrub. Once I’ve used this to give me skin a scrub, I will then leave this on for 10-20 minutes as it doubles up as a face mask to go that little bit further.

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Dry & Sensitive Skin

As well as suffering with my hormonal acne, my skin can also get quite dry which means adding moisturising products into the mix of products that I am using. Typically my forehead is the worst hit, so I typically focus using moisturising products on that area only as I find that they can then aggravate my acne and make it worse! Over the last few weeks i’ve been using the Temple Spa Be Calm Face Mask*(£28), which is a like a thick intensive moisturiser and I typically use this once every couple of weeks, leaving it on for 10-20 minutes before washing it off and this just leaves my dry skin feeling less aggravated and completely soothed. What is also great about this product is that it is aimed towards those with sensitive skin, which my skin can be and so far it has does wonders to my skin.

As well as using a moisturising facial mask, another autumn skincare product that I love to get out every year is the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate (£40). I absolutely love this stuff as it works miracles overnight, so when i’m having a really bad bout of dry skin I know that this will save my skin. After I have completed my evening skincare routine, I apply this to my t-zone and leave it overnight to work it’s magic. I then give my skin a light cleanse in the morning to remove any excess oil and voila, my dry skin looks and feels ten times better! Although this product is quite pricey, it is one that deserves the hype that it gets and is well worth the price because it does work wonders!

Dull & Dry Body Skin

If you’ve read any of my recent skincare style posts, you will know that I love to include a few body skincare products that I’m loving and there are a few that I’m reaching for more so as we’re moving into the colder months. Similarly to the above, I do also suffer with dry skin on my body and it’s always in the same areas. The worst places is usually on my hips and where my jeans sit, but I also find my legs and my arms can get quite dry too! For me the dryness is never too bad, so I always opt for a slightly milkier body moisturiser and I have been really getting some use out of the Nivea Coconut & Monoi Oil in Lotion* (£6.99), so much so that I’ve actually broken the top off of it! I have been using this of an evening after i’ve had a shower, slathering it on the areas that are feeling dry and leaving it on overnight to soak in and works it’s magic! It also smells incredible, which is just a bonus!

Speaking of my evening showers, I have been loving using beautifully scented shower gels and one autumn skincare product that I have been really enjoying is the Nivea Fresh Blends Refreshing Shower Gel* (£3.99) as you will have seen me feature another scent in a previous post, and i’m now onto the apricot and mango scent. If you’re a bit of a shower gel snob like me and you like a good scented shower gel, then this is one that you need to try! You literally need the smallest amount of this on a loofer sponge and it lathers up so well, and goes so so far! If you’re wanting to treat yourself to some new autumn skincare/body products, this is one i’d recommend adding to your list!

So those are the current autumn skincare products that I am reaching for and that I am loving to combat my current skin concerns!

What skincare products have you added into your autumn skincare routine?

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