How I’m Getting Through Lockdown 2.0

Who’d have thought it, a winter lockdown or as i’m calling it lockdown 2.0. With it not being the first time we’re going through this, I think many of us know what to expect and will no doubt cope a little easier through this lockdown. However if you are struggling or want a little bit of reassurance, I thought I’d share how I’m getting through lockdown 2.0 in the hope it helps at least someone.

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How I’m getting through Lockdown 2.0 and some ways to help you too!

Take Each Day as They Come

One thing that I keep reminding myself is that I can’t do it all, none of us can and currently each day is going to be different for each and every person. Rather than stressing or pushing yourself to do everything, try to take every day as they come and take everything in your own time. If that means one day you have a really good day and you’re super productive, but then the next isn’t as productive, that is totally fine! Fortunately for me I have still been working through this lockdown, meaning a lot of my free time has been taken up, allowing the days to go by quickly. However on the weekends, I have found the days to be slightly harder as I have more free time on my hands and more time to think. Personally I have found that reminding myself on a daily basis to take each day as it comes has really helped me get through lockdown 2.0 this far.

Getting Out & Enjoying the Fresh Air

Another way that I’m getting through lockdown 2.0 is ensuring that I am getting out each day and getting myself a daily dose of fresh air. Similarly to lockdown 1.0 and as I shared in my Hobbies I Picked Up During Lockdown post, I have been really enjoying just getting outside and getting a break from being inside but also having a break from my phone for thirty minutes to an hour. Whether it be getting outside for a run, a dog walk or just a little walk by myself, I have found that it really helps to clear my head and switch off for a little while. During my daily outdoor dose, I have been really enjoying listening to a couple of different podcasts and my current favourite is Chatting Sh*te and Putting The World to Right from Corrie Bromfield or as you may formerly know her DizzyBrunette3, and my god it is hilarious! One i’d definitely recommend!

Take Advantage of the Down Time

This one may sound slightly odd, but given the fact that I had 17 whole weeks of free time through April to July, you’d think that I wouldn’t be enjoying having some down time seeing as I had so long off. However the reality of it is, I have been experiencing burn out more and a lot easier than I ever have before, so being able to have a little bit of downtime has been great. Rather than taking it as a negative, turn it into a positive and fully take advantage of having some down time because we all deserve it. Whether that be having a Netflix marathon, having a mega lie in or flipping it and using the down time to be productive, you do what suits you! I also shared in my Things to Do Whilst on Furlough what I was doing to pass the time during the last lockdown, so hopefully that will spur some ideas for you.

Creating a New Daily Routine

Another really important thing that has really helped in getting me through lockdown 2.0, is creating and trying to stick to a new daily routine. Personally I cope better and feel better when I am in a routine, and although each day is different for me in terms of work, I am trying to put things in place that I do the same each day. These things include, getting up around the same time each day, eating lunch at the same time each day and ending each working day with an outdoor walk or run. If you’re like me and you cope better by being a routine, I would highly recommend creating and adapting your routine to this lockdown and hopefully it will help you cope better.

How are you getting through lockdown 2.0?