Under £75 Autumn/Winter Coat Picks

I don’t know about you, but every year it is tradition for me to buy one new coat for the upcoming autumn/winter season. It’s been a little while since I shared my current fashion wish list items with you, and seeing as I’ve been doing a fair bit of browsing online over the last few weeks, I thought I’d share a few under £75 autumn/winter coat picks with you.

Under £75 Autumn/Winter Coat Picks,

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When it comes to coats, there is always that one trend piece that takes over with every brand under the sun doing a version each autumn/winter season, but for me I’m not typically about following trends. Sure I can appreciate a trend and sometimes i’ll tap into it, but I am usually the last person to jump on the trend band wagon. Take shoulder pads for example, a trend that has been around for the last few months and one that I am yet to get involved with! For me it will take until probably the next season to get on board, and that is exactly what happened with the Topshop Black PU Biker Jacket (£65.99). I’d seen so many people rocking these coats in late 2018/early 2019, so when they came back around in the latter of 2019 I thought i’d order myself one and see whether I could pull it off or not. Safe to say this coat got a lot of wear last autumn/winter and has come back around this year trend wise too!

For me personally, I don’t like to splurge or spend lots of money on a winter coat but what I have learnt over the years is that the cheaper the coat, the worse the quality, meaning it’s not likely to last you more than one season. This is why for the last few seasons I have spent a little more to ensure that I am going to get my moneys worth and a decent amount of wear out of my coats. With times currently being quite tough and money being something we’re all being more careful with, I wanted to share with you a selection of under £75 autumn/winter coat picks that I would recommend, and have got my eye on!

So those are some of my current under £75 autumn/winter coat picks. If you’re currently looking for a new winter coat, then I hope this post helps you narrow down your search!

Have you treated yourself to a new autumn/winter coat this year?

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