Christmas Films to Get You in The Festive Spirit

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I cannot believe as I am sat typing this blog post that Christmas is literally just a few days away! Luckily for me I have now finished work for Christmas and I am planning to spend the few days before unwinding and taking full advantage of some down time, as the last few weeks have been all go go go! With that being said, there is nothing better than getting stuck into a few Christmas films, so I thought i’d share my favourite Christmas films to get you in the festive spirit!

Christmas Films to Get You in The Festive Spirit, christmas films,

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With the news that we received here in the UK over the weekend, I know I’m not alone in feeling as heart broken as I am for not only myself but for everyone in the UK that were truly looking forward to and holding onto that they would be able to see their families this Christmas. I’m not usually left speechless but I am completely lost for words on this one and although Christmas has changed all over again, I am still determined to make the most of Christmas as I can. My favourite thing to do at Christmas is to binge all of the Christmas films to take my mind off of actual life for a little bit of time, so here are my favourite Christmas films to get you in the festive spirit!

The Nativity Films

A personal favourite of mine is of course the Nativity films, what with them being full to the brim of some amazing British actors and actresses, but they are just the funniest films and are so light hearted around this time of year! If you have Netflix, thankfully they have Nativity, Nativity 2 and Nativity 3 for you to binge watch on Christmas eve as I will be doing and to round off my binge fest, I have Nativity Rocks!* (£6.99) to get stuck into! I have been wanting to see this film ever since it was released, but have just never had the chance to so now that I have it on DVD I am beyond excited for my festive film binge on Christmas Eve!

The Princess Switch: Switched Again

I feel like this is such an obvious one as I know a lot of people may have already watched this one, but if you watched and loved The Princess Switch as much as I did then you need to get onto watching the follow up film The Princess Switch: Switched Again. If you grew up watching HSM then you will no doubt enjoy any film that stars Vanessa Hudgens and these films are just amazing feel good Christmas films to get you in the festive spirit!

The Holiday

A true true classic but one that I have to watch at least once every single Christmas! In fact as I sit and type this post I am in fact watching The Holiday! I was about to say something along the lines of ‘If you’ve never watched The Holiday..’ but I can’t actually fathom someone who has never watched this absolutely and utterly amazing film! Although it’s set around Christmas, there is so much more to this film and it’s just the most cosy and warm film to watch in the run up to Christmas!

The Santa Claus Films

Another true classic and favourite of mine is all of The Santa Claus films! Growing up I absolutely loved watching these and always wanted to be Charlie. I mean how cool would it be knowing your Dad is Santa Claus?! Unfortunately for me I’m not really able to watch these this year as they are on Disney+ which I don’t have a subscription to, but if you do make sure you give these a binge watch this year!

So those are a few Christmas films to get you in the festive spirit!

Wishing you all a happy Christmas and sending my love to you all during these tough times!

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