Decorating for Christmas on a Budget

Decorating for Christmas is slightly different for me this year as this is the first year that I’m not decorating our family Christmas tree thanks to Boris and the current tier system. However I’m not letting that stop me and I’ve been determined to give my room a little festive touch this year. I thought i’d share with you a few snaps of how I’ve decorated and share some tips on how you too can set about decorating for Christmas on a budget.

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Spruce Your Bed with Some Festive Bedding

Every year for as long as I can remember I have always treated myself, or my bed I should say to a new Christmas duvet set as I find they instantly add a lovely festive touch and always put me in the bed mood possible! This year I had been on the hunt for a new duvet set, but with having a king size quilt I often find them to be quite pricey and what with decorating on a budget, I didn’t want to be spending loads on something that I could in theory only use during the month of December! So you could imagine my surprise when I stepped into my local Sainsburys and came across this Argos Home Reindeer Spot Bedding (from £14) reduced down to £13.50 during their Black Friday sale. As soon as I saw it I knew that I just had to have it and I cannot get over how CUTE this is! Now I do have a feeling that this is sold out, but fingers crossed you may be able to nab yourself one in your local Sainsburys, if not I have linked some other Christmas duvet options below.

Research Your Theme/Ideas

If you’re like me and you are also decorating on a budget, I would always advise that you have a rough idea in your head what it is that you need to purchase in order to ensure you aren’t buying things willy nilly without any thought. I always use Pinterest to pull together my ideas and this year I knew that I wanted to create some sort of set up on top of my shelving unit, so I got to researching ideas and this is how I knew that I wanted some sort of wreath garland to hang on my shelf and also some sort of Christmas themed foliage to display within my vase. This way because I had done some research and planned what I needed to get it was clear in my mind and it meant that I spent a minimal amount on decorating this year.

Shop Local for Unique Items

One thing that I have been doing more of over the last couple of years, is shopping more locally because not only am I supporting a local business but I often find some really cute and unique pieces that you are fairly unlikely to find elsewhere. As I mentioned in my Plans for December post, visiting my local garden centre was on my agenda for December and just last weekend my Mum and I took a little visit to Worcester Garden Centre where they had loads of Christmas decorations all set on in colour schemes/themes to help you get some inspiration whilst browsing. I ended up picking up my Tinsel Garland (£5) from there and I was absolutely chuffed when I saw that the price tag was just £5! They also have a load of other beautiful decorations, so I’d definitely recommend checking out their online shop for more festive decorations!

Revamp Old Decorations

Another way to set about decorating for Christmas on a budget, is to revamp and reuse old decorations from previous years. That way it saves you money and it means you’re not buying unnecessary items. Now I have to admit, I do like a bit of tinsel. Not loads but a little bit, so I of course had to add a little tinsel touch to my decorating this year and thankfully we had some old tinsel lying around from some previous tenants. Winner! I have also borrowed an old wreath from my Mum and have given it a slight revamp in order for me to hang this in our front window in order to make the front of the house appear slightly festive! No doubt following researching your themes/ideas you will come to find that you already have some decorations that you can reuse or revamp in some way in order to save you a few pennies this Christmas!

So those are a few ways and ideas on how you can set about decorating for Christmas on a budget!

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

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