Three Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Staples

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Over this past year I have really enjoyed sharing more fashion content with you and it is definitely something that I want to continue to do well into next year! Today I wanted to share with you three autumn/winter wardrobe staples that I have recently been styling up and would recommend to anyone if you are looking to add a few staple pieces into your wardrobe.

Three Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Staples, outfit,

Three autumn/winter wardrobe staples I have recently added into my collection..

If you’ve been reading my fashion content over this year, then you may have seen my Summer Blue Wardrobe Additions post where I shared some lovely pieces from Katch Me of which I loved styling up during the Summer months, so I just had to share with you some autumn/winter pieces that I have recently been styling up. For me I am not someone who is constantly adding new pieces to my wardrobe, but each year I love to shop staple pieces that I know I will get a lot of wear out of through the season and can style up in a few different ways throughout the season. So, let’s get into the three autumn/winter wardrobe staples that I have recently been loving!

Cosy Loungewear Set Three Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Staples, outfit,

Enter the first of three autumn/winter wardrobe staples and of course it’s a loungewear set! I have lived in nothing but loungewear sets this year, especially through both the first and second lockdown that we endured here in the UK and it’s safe to say that I am fully converted. I was always that girl who lived in her Pj’s and dressing gown when chilling at home and just didn’t ‘get’ loungewear, but it’s safe to say I now fully ‘get’ the hype around loungewear. I have just love nothing more than feeling comfy and cosy this year, and if you haven’t treated yourself to a loungewear set or two this year, then you need to ASAP!

I’ve recently been loving wearing this beaut Grey Turtleneck Loungewear Set* (£20.99), which comes with a cosy turtleneck crop top and a pair of matching leggings made in a lovely rib knit material that is just so comfy and cosy! The fabric itself is so soft and has quite a lot of give/stretch to it meaning you can get fully comfy on the sofa with a takeaway and not have to worry about the leggings feeling tight post devouring your takeaway! I’m wearing a size M/L which is a 10/12 and it fits perfectly for me. Not too loose but not too tight either.

With the weather getting colder over the last few weeks I have found myself coming home from work and just living in this loungewear set of the evenings, as the long sleeves and high neck have been keeping me extra warm and I keep finding myself pairing this set with some cosy socks for ultimate cosy vibes! There is nothing better than getting cosy with a mug of hot chocolate and binge watching your current favourite series.

If you’ve not been converted to the lounge wear trend yet, then this is the sign that you needed to give you that push because I think everyone should own at least one loungewear set. With everyone spending more time at home at the moment and having more chilled out evenings, a good lounge wear set is 10000% a staple wardrobe piece that you need to add into your wardrobe and I would highly recommend being a complete convert myself.

As well as this loungewear set, Katch Me have so many other loungewear options to choose from! Whether you are looking for a loungewear set to add to your wardrobe, or a pair of cosy joggers to style up with a hoodie or simple top, they have got you covered!



Cable Knit Jumper Dress & Statement Jacket

Moving onto the second and third of the autumn/winter wardrobe staples, which are a jumper dress and a statement jacket, which are probably my two favourite pieces at the moment to style up!

The jumper dress trend has been one that I have wanted to tap into over the last couple of years but I have just never found the right jumper dress. I’ve been getting so much wear out of this Black Cable Knit Jumper Dress * (£16.99) and it is the perfect length for me! I find with some jumper dresses that they are either too short and others are too long, but I am so happy to have finally found one that sits at the perfect length without having to worry if i’m flashing anyone! I really like the cable knit pattern to this jumper dress and the quality of the knit is also really lovely as it’s a super chunky knit that keeps me really warm, especially when I’m out and about or on a dog walk.

As well as this knitted jumper dress, Katch Me have so many other fantastic jumper dresses and knitwear pieces to choose from in an array of colours and styles! If like me you’ve been wanting to treat yourself to some staple knit wear, then i’d really recommend checking them out.

To go with this knitted jumper dress I have been loving styling it up with this White Button Up Teddy Jacket* (£25.99), which is just so cute and cosy! I absolutely love the teddy jacket trend that has been around for a few years now and I have been wanting to get an all white teddy jacket for a while now, so I’m really happy to now have this as part of my autumn/winter wardrobe. I personally love the cropped detail to this jacket as I find it to be really flattering when layering over dresses like I have here and the arms are quite roomy, meaning you can easily layer this over a chunky knit or a thick jumper without the arms feeling too tight!

As well as this teddy jacket, Katch Me have so many on trend yet staple coats and jackets to choose from to add into your wardrobe. If you’re like me and you typically look to add one to two staples coats into your wardrobe each year, then you will no doubt be able to find the perfect one for you!


So those are three autumn/winter wardrobe staples that I have recently added into my wardrobe and have been getting so much wear out of recently!

What autumn/winter wardrobe staples have you picked up this year?

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