What I Got For Christmas 2020

Coming back to blogging after the Christmas and New Year period always brings a time of reflection for me and that also allows me to bring reflection into my content. As a somewhat easy post to get myself into the New Year, I thought I’d share with you a firm favourite style of post for both myself and also my readers by sharing with you what I got for Christmas this year.

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It goes without saying that this post is never intended to come across as braggy, for me I personally love reading these kind of posts because it helps to spur gift ideas for birthdays coming up and also future Christmases to come. Christmas this year for me was a quiet affair as I’m sure most/everyones was given the restrictions that we have faced here in the UK, but none the less I have had a lovely quiet period and I am excited to get back to work, and to get stuck into the few realistic goals I have set myself for 2021. Enough rambling, lets get into what I got for Christmas!

For the first time in years there were a few things I had added to my Christmas list so my family had something to go off and in true adult style I asked for home things that I’d wanted since moving out. The first thing being an electric wax melt burner as I unfortunately can’t burn candles as part of my tenancy, so my Dad very kindly got me the Yankee Candle Langham Melt Cup Warmer (£29.99). So far I’m really impressed with this wax melt burner as you can set it to burn for either three, six or nine hours meaning you don’t have to worry about leaving it turned on and it finally means I am able to burn my wax melts that I have somehow built up quite the collection of and I am so excited! Another home related gift that I asked for was a hand held steamer as I thought it was probably time to stop ironing my clothes with my straighteners (lol) and my Mum kindly got me the Beautural Clothes Steamer (£32.99), which I have already gotten so much use out of and I am so glad to finally be able to get the creases out of my clothes without burning myself on my straighteners.

As well as home gifts I also was lucky to receive an array of gin related gifts as my family and friends know how much I love my gin! After a fair few hints on my part, my Mum got me the M&S Rhubard Gin Liquer Snowglobe, which I know sold out so quickly in my local store but I am pretty sure they bring these out each Christmas. I just loved the snow globe design to this and I will for sure be keeping the bottle for display purposes once I have drank it all. My Dad also got me a Morgan & French Reusable Personalised Straw (£9.95) which have ‘Charlotte’s Gin’ engraved on it! I absolutely love personalised gifts and this is one that will be getting a lot of use for sure. From one of my best friends I got these Pink & Gold Gin Glasses Set (£4.99) which are just so cute and I love that they are stemless glasses, as I’m forever knocking stem glasses over.

A few other fun gifts that I got this year include; a pair of the UGG Fluff Yeah Logo Slider Slippers (£100) in this fun coral colour and I am so excited to get more wear out of these in the summer months! One of my best friends kindly got me a copy of Good Vibes Good Life by Vex Kind (£10.99), which i’m super excited to read this year. My Mum also thought it would be funny to get my an entire large gift bag full of chocolate orange flavoured treats and its safe to say that I am kitted out for the rest of the year when it comes to chocolate!

So that is what I got for Christmas and I am so blown away, and thankful for the lovely gifts I received this year.

What did you get for Christmas?

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