Mothers Day Gift Guide

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I am absolutely flabbergasted that we are nearly into March and we’re not too far away from Mothers Day! I swear Mothers Day was a lot later last year, but alas here we are and here I am providing you with one of my favourite posts to put together.. a Mothers Day gift guide! If you’re wanting to treat your Mum, Nan or mother figure in your life this Mothers Day, then I have got you covered with some lovely gift ideas!

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Stuck on Mothers Day gift ideas? This Mothers Day Gift Guide will have you covered!

Skincare Gifts

Kicking it off with my favourite types of products and that is of course skincare! Now for years I have been trying to get my Mum a bit more in tune with her skin and when it comes to birthdays, Christmas or Mothers Day, I always get her some sort of skincare in order for her to give herself a little bit of a pamper and me time each evening. One of my favourite skincare brands that I talk about quite a bit is Nivea, as they are such a home known brand and one both my Mum and I have loved for years! Some of mine and my Mums favourite body products include, the Nivea Indulgent Moisture Bath Cream* (£2) which is the best product to use when you’re having a nice soak in the bath as it leaves your skin feeling so soft and it smells so nice! Another product is the Nivea Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil in Lotion* (£5.99) which one, smells incredible and two is my Mums favourite product to use after having a bath as she loves how it just soaks into her skin and leaves her skin feeling super soft.

As well as body care, Nivea also have some amazing skincare and their Q10 range is perfect for slightly older skin or someone who is looking for anti ageing specific skincare. The Q10 Instant Recharge Sheet Mask*(£3.99) has got to be hands down the best sheet mask that I’ve used recently, as it’s designed to reduce signs of fatigue and to hydrate your skin and it did just that. I found that it instantly revived my skin and left me feeling glowing. Another product from their Q10 range that sounds really good is the Nivea Anti Wrinkle Sleep Skin Cream*(£9) and the idea behind this is that you apply it, leave it on overnight and it’s designed to target major signs of stress. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but this is something that I 100% need at the moment, so no doubt your Mum’s will also be thankful for this in their life!

They have so many products to choose from and this Mothers Day I am going to build my Mum a little Nivea gift box with some of the products that I have mentioned above along with some little goodies like her favourite chocolates and some prosecco! As well as the Nivea products I’ve mentioned above, I have linked a few more down below so you can browse more of their range!

Another brand that I have recently been trying a few products from is L’occitane and they do some great gift sets, which would make for the perfect Mothers Day gift and make the gift buying really simple and smooth. One of my favourites from them is the L’occitane Almond Shower Oil* (£19.50) as it just a lovely indulgent shower oil that leaves your skin smelling really sweet and really nourished. One gift set that would be amazing to gift this Mother’s Day is the L’occitane Indulgent Almond Trio (£33) which contains the almond shower oil, delicious hands hand cream and the almond delicious soap, all of which individually I think any Mum would be grateful to receive. Another product that is just fab from L’occitane is the L’occitane Almond Milk Concentrate* (£42) which is a rich moisturising cream that helps to firm the skin and give your skin this silky shine, all whilst making your skin smell incredible! As the full size product is quite spenny, the L’occitane Most Loved Almond Collection (£25.50) is a lovely gift set that contains a bunch of mini products including a mini of the almond milk concentrate, meaning your Mum could try out the products and if she likes any of them, then you can treat her to the full size at a later date!

Beauty Gifts

As well as skincare, another obvious gift to give this Mothers Day would be something beauty related like her favourite fragrance or some new makeup for your Mum to try out. I know I always wang on about perfumes within my gift guides, but they really are one of easiest things to gift that your Mum probably wouldn’t think to buy herself. One of my favourite fragrances is the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette (£45) as it’s just a lovely all round feminine floral scent that I know many girls love! There are so many fragrance gift sets around at this time of year, so I have linked a few below for you to browse!

As well as fragrance, makeup is always a lovely thing to gift your Mum and I think with everything going on at the moment, gifting your Mum some makeup will allow her to give herself a little makeover even if it just to show it off over FaceTime to her friends! A personal favourite makeup item that gives me an instant spruce up and makes me feel that bit better is the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick (£25). It’s been such a long time since I wore lipstick, but if I were to wear one it would be this one! I absolutely love the formula of this lipstick and they some absolutely stunning shades available. If lipstick isn’t your Mums thing, then I’ve linked some other makeup items below that might that she might like as a gift this Mothers Day.


As well as skincare and beauty, there are of course other gifts that you can gift your Mum this Mother’s Day if she isn’t that big into her beauty/self care regime and she is into other things such as gardening, or knitting, or reading! So with that being said I have also linked some more gift ideas below that would be great alternative gifts that I hope give you some ideas!

What are you gifting your Mum this Mother’s Day?

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