No Buy April and My Money Saving Plans for 2021

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for the last year or so then you’ll know that last April I embarked on a no buy month and I shared my plans for this in my No Buy April Plans post. Roll on twelve months and I have decided to do the same all over again by embarking on a no buy April and I thought it would be fun to document it along with some other money saving plans that I have.

My plans for a no buy April and my money saving plans for 2021..

Similarly to my last no buy April, the idea behind this month is to not spend money on anything that isn’t a necessity (aka rent, bills, fuel and my food shopping) in order to try to save as much money as I possibly can over the next month. Now when I did my no buy April last year it went really well, but it only went well due to the national lockdown we were put into meaning that I wasn’t spending money on fuel, eating out etc, whereas now I am spending money on fuel, my rent has increased and lockdown restrictions will start to ease up through April meaning there is more temptation to buy things this time round. Same as last time round, I am going to list the exceptions and how I’m planning on sticking to it but I also what my savings plans for 2021!

What are the exceptions?

Now when it comes to this no buy April there is obviously going to be things that I have to pay for and can’t cut back on. As I briefly mentioned above, the obvious things that are exempt from this no buy April include: rent of which is higher now that I have moved out and I’m renting within a house share, car finance, phone bill and other bills including Netflix and Spotify. Another exception is of course fuel as I am back to commuting five days a week to work and back and obviously my car can’t run without fuel, however I do try to be savvy and shop where fuel is the cheapest in order to save some pennies. Another obvious exception for this no buy April is food. This includes my weekly food shop of which isn’t typically that expensive thanks to Aldi being super cheap! Finally the last thing I am allowing myself to purchase are necessities like deodorant, toothpaste etc if I happen to run out. Other than the things listed above, nothing else is allowed to be purchased.

What is banned?

Moving onto the things that I am not allowed to buy during my no buy April and being completely honest, this is pretty much the same as my previous no buy April. Takeaways have been something I have slowly been ordering more of recently seeing as there is literally nothing to do at the moment and I have been doing a few takeaway Facetime evenings with my besties as a way to catch up, so takeaways are completely banned and instead I will try to do more fakeaways. As well as takeaways, I’m not allowed to have any treat myself moments whether that be on clothes, homeware, makeup or any random unnecessary purchases because lets face it, I probably definitely don’t need anything.

How am I sticking to this no buy month?

The biggest question that I get when I do these no buy months is how do I actually stick to it, because lets be real it takes a lot of self restraint to not treat yourself after you’ve had a bit of a crappy week or whilst you’re browsing the middle aisles of Aldi (if you know, you know). Being completely honest, the only way that I can stop myself from making unnecessary purchases is simply by not putting myself in situations where I could potentially make unnecessary purchases. So no trips to B&M to pass the time and fully avoiding the middle aisles of Aldi when doing my weekly food shop. Another thing that I am going to be doing along side this no buy April is shopping my stash (throwback blogger vibes right here) when it comes to beauty and makeup products in order to make a conscious effort to use up the products I already have, instead of buying new products/opening new products before finishing the previous one. I will be doing an entire separate blog post on this, so be sure to look out for that but I cannot wait to see how long I can’t stretch this shop my stash before I have to buy anything new.

What am I saving for?

Similarly to last year, the main thing I will be saving for through April is to get my car through it’s MOT and service, and also to pay my car insurance and tax because they all fall in May.. yay for me! As well as saving my car, I am still saving to hopefully one day get on the property ladder and being completely honest my saving has lessened since moving out but I am still trying, and hopefully in the next few years getting on the property ladder will become a reality. Aside from the above, saving in general is something that I will always do and work towards because you never know when you’re going to need to dip into your savings for some sort of emergency.

So those are my plans for my no buy April and I’m excited to see what I can achieve this time round! Similarly to last year, I do want to continue the no buy month past April but we will see what situation I am in when that times comes.

Have you embarked on a no buy month before?