Shop My Beauty Stash & Banning Myself Buying Beauty Products

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If you’ve seen my latest blog post you will know that through April I am embarking on a No Buy April and in that blog post I mentioned that as well as the no buy month, I am also embarking on a good old fashioned shop my beauty stash. This is as another way to save some money, but to also use up my ever growing beauty/skincare collection and to stop me buying new unneeded beauty products.

Here is the first instalment in my shop my beauty stash series and the products I want to finish up!

For a little while now I have wanted to do something like this because let’s be real, it’s great being a blogger and being sent products to try but the reality of it is that you are left with a lot of products that have been opened and used, but are then forgotten about and shoved away when the next product comes along. For me it has gotten to the point where I have a lot of products that I really need to use up, but I often forget what I already own and end up purchasing something instead, thus making the problem worse! So when I saw that Emma’s Rectangle was embarking on her project ten pan series, I just knew I had to do something similar!

What is a shop my beauty stash?

Now if you’re new to blogging or never jumped on the shop my beauty stash trend then you won’t really know the premise behind shopping your stash but the idea behind it, is that instead of buying new products you use up products you have already opened and have forgotten about or you open and use products you have previously bought and not got round to using. Back in the day of throwback blogging I and many bloggers used to shop our stash all of the time and we also used to share our empties, so I thought I’d bring it back and also save some money at the same time!

How is it going to work?

Similarly to Emma’s project ten pan, I am going to pull out ten products that I want to use up and once I have used up one product I can then add another product in that I want to use up from my stash. Now if I am sent PR products, I will probably open these and use them as part of my blog content but I am not allowed to purchase any new products for my own personal use, unless I literally don’t have an alternative. For example, if I use my mascara and I literally don’t have any more mascaras within my beauty stash.

What are the first ten products?

So let’s get into the first round of shop my beauty stash products that I want to use up and I have split this into skincare/body products and makeup. Now luckily for me I have massively reduced the amount of makeup that I have, so there isn’t a lot of makeup within this first round of products, but on the flip side of that I have A LOT of skincare. I don’t even know why! Any who.. lets get into this!


So for this first round of products I have picked out four makeup products that I want to use up. Some of these I have used a fair bit and just stopped because something new came along and others I just haven’t given a chance to be honest. For base products I have pulled out a primer and a foundation from The Ordinary that I purchased last year and if i’m honest I wasn’t wowed by them but perhaps I just didn’t give them a chance. The Ordinary Silicone Primer (£3.90) is something so many people raved about so I gave in, bought it, used it and just didn’t get why everyone thought it was so good and then haven’t used it again. Similarly with The Ordinary Coverage Foundation (£5.90), I gave into the hype and wasn’t wowed. It’s marketed at being a high coverage foundation, but it’s not for me and it’s quite a runny formula. Negativity aside, I am going to give these another go and perhaps mix the foundation with another foundation in order to make the coverage more to my taste.

For powder products there isn’t many that I want to use up, but as you can see my Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze & Glow* (£49) has seen better days. The contour is completely finished because it smashed and went everywhere and because I’m not using the contour I completely forget about the highlighter, and it’s such a lovely highlighter. So I am making it my aim to use this up in order to save my beloved Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (£30) because as I’m sure everyone is aware that Becca Cosmetics has sadly made the decision to cease trade as of September this year (sad times). The last makeup item that I want to use up is my current brow product actually and I’ve wanted to use this up for a because it’s too dark for my now lighter brow colour, but it’s a fab brow product. The brow product in question is the Eylure Precision Brow Crayon* which I don’t actually think is stocked/made anymore but if you do come across this, I would really recommend!


Moving onto skincare and this was hard narrowing this down to just six products, but I’ve got there in the end! For cleanser I have gone straight in with the Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser (£3.99) because I have far too many bottles of these for my liking. I went through a phase of stock piling these whenever they were in stock in Aldi because my skin used to love this cleanser and then one day it just decided it didn’t like it anymore. Saying that I do use this from time to time and I love how clean it makes my skin feel, so I’m going to give it another go and get at least this bottle of it used up. The next two products are actually my current daily moisturiser and eye cream because out of the products I already have open, these two have the least amount of product in them. For moisturiser I have the Lacura Moisture Boost Moisturiser (£4.99) which is a dupe for my favourite Clinique moisturiser and for eye cream I have the Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Eye Cream* (£14) and both of these products I bloody love!

The next product within this shop by beauty stash is the Pixi Glow Tonic (£18) and I have had this little bottle for quite a while now, but just forget that I have this. I have just used up some glycolic acid pads that I had been using, so instead of buying some more I am going to use this up first as I only have a small amount left anyway. Another product that I’ve had for quite a while now is the Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask* (£20.50) and I do love using this mask when my skin is looking a little dull but I have just found a love for sheet masks recently, so I’ve not been using this and I need to get back to using this.

The last of my skincare products is actually a body product and this is the Nivea Coconut and Monoi Oil Lotion* (£6.99) and you best believe that you will be seeing a lot of body moisturisers within this shop my beauty stash series because I have a good ten within my beauty stash. I don’t know why but I am just not a body moisturiser girl and I need to convert to being one! I just don’t like when moisturisers sit on your skin, doesn’t soak in and then your clothes just stick to you. Ew, no thank you. However, this product doesn’t do that and it does actually sink in, leaving my skin feeling and smelling amazing… I just need to up my game and use it.

So those are the ten products that will be starting of this shop my beauty stash series! I will be updating you throughout this series with how I’m getting on, what products I have used up and what products I have added into this little project along the way.

Are any of you doing a shop my stash project at the moment?

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