Spring Skincare Picks

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Now that we are officially into Spring it only seemed fitting to share with you an updated skincare post sharing with you my spring skincare picks and the products that I am currently reaching for in order to keep my skin feeling happy as we move into the slightly warmer months. I say this, but we literally had snow earlier this week and now the sun is shining like no tomorrow!

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A few spring skincare picks that I have been reaching for recently..

Now that we’re slowly transitioning into the warmer months, my skins needs always change ever so slightly during this period and in turn I switch up some of the skincare products that I am using in order to ensure my skin is happy but also protected. As I’ve gotten older I have really begun to understand the importance of taking extra steps to looking after my skin, but also to not overload it with product either. With that being said, lets get into talking about my spring skincare picks!

If you read one my latest blog post’s Shop My Beauty Stash then you will have seen in that blog post that there are few skincare products that I am on the quest to use up before using or opening any of the same product. So it only seems fitting to discuss those products first, of which I have mentioned and raved about many a time! For moisturiser I don’t tend to change this up through the year purely because I absolutely love this moisturiser and that is the Lacura Moisture Boost Moisturiser (£4.99) which is a dupe for my favourite Clinique moisturiser that I’ve used for years. I love this moisturiser because it is super lightweight on the skin but works wonders to moisturise my skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day. I think as you get older once you’ve found a product that works for you, don’t change it! The other product I mentioned in my recent blog post is the Superfacialst Vitamin C Eye Cream* (£14) which is another favourite of mine! It’s the only eye cream I have found that awakens my under eye area but doesn’t irritate my eyes at the same time. I love it that much that I have a back up for when this runs out (lol).

Sticking on the hydration/moisturiser lines, a product that I haven’t reached for much through the winter months is The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid (£5.90) but more so recently I have been. With the weather being a bit all over the place I have noticed my skin looking a little dull and somewhat dry in some areas and whenever my skin is like that I find this product just instantly helps. I love applying this as part of my evening skincare routine and using my rose quartz roller to work it into my skin. I have heard of people using this as part of their morning skincare routine but I find it can sit on my skin and go flakey when applying my foundation, so instead I use this in the evening so that it sinks in overnight.

As the weather has perked up a fair bit recently I have found myself fake tanning more so than usual and I have been applying tan to my face probably once a week. Now one thing I never did prior to applying tan to my face was using a facial scrub. Why? I have no idea but since introducing the Typology Regenerating Facial Scrub* (£20.40) into my skincare routine once or twice a week, I have noticed such a difference in how my tan develops onto my face. Face scrubs and me usually don’t get on because I have found them to be quite irritating to my sensitive skin but this one is lovely on the skin. It works to unclog pores and refine your skins texture all whilst leaving your skin looking radiant and I can vouch that it does exactly that!

Whilst speaking of tanning, a product that I have been using more of recently is the Vitage Skin Defence SPF30* (£20) and to be honest I should be using this all year round, but alas here we are. For years I have wanted to find a facial SPF that doesn’t clog my pores or flare up my acne and last lockdown I found exactly that in this product. It’s super lightweight on your skin and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy as many SPF’s can. I typically apply this of a morning prior to applying my foundation which also has SPF in it, but its always good to apply a sole SPF regardless of that and my foundation always sits really well on top of the SPF. Would 100% recommend if you’re looking for a new facial SPF!

What skincare products are you reaching for this Spring?

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