Things I’m Looking Forward to After Lockdown

If you live in the UK like myself, you will no doubt be enjoying the easing of restrictions over the last couple of weeks (no pressure if you’re not ready to yet) where we are now allowed to meet up outside, eat and drink outside and of course treat ourselves to some new Spring wardrobe pieces! With restrictions due to ease again through May and June, I thought it would be fun to share with you the main things I’m looking forward to after lockdown and the first few things I will 100% be doing!

Things I'm Looking Forward to After Lockdown

Here are the things I’m looking forward to after lockdown eases!

Visiting my Dad & Enjoying a Long Weekend in Plymouth

If any of you have followed me for a while, you will know that I visit Plymouth a few times a year as my Dad actually lives in Plymouth and throughout the year I would usually visit him at least three to four times a year. Obviously with Covid that kind of threw a spanner in the works last year and although I was still able to visit last year to celebrate his 50th birthday, I didn’t get to spend time with him over Christmas which was the first year through my entire life that I’ve not visited for Christmas. So it is safe to say that I am 100% taking myself down to Plymouth for a long weekend at the first opportunity that I get!

Exploring More of Cheltenham & Trying Local Eateries/Businesses

Another thing that I’m looking forward to do after lockdown is to explore more of Cheltenham and discover more local businesses to my new local area. Now don’t get me wrong, lockdown hasn’t fully stopped me doing this and I have been exploring more of my local area but with a lot of businesses having to close and eateries not offering takeaway options it has stopped me from discovering and supporting some local businesses and I’m just excited to be able to do more of this with restrictions easing more.

Seeing my Family & Friends

This is another obvious one for not just me but everyone and thankfully through lockdown I have still been able to see some family and friends here and there through many walks and dog walks, but it’s not the same as being able to go out for lunch or just popping over for a cuppa. Thankfully a lot of my family have had their vaccine now and it means that they aren’t as worried about going out and doing things, so when we can I will be taking my Mum and Nan for an afternoon tea as that is one thing we loved to do pre covid and I’m already eyeing up Once Upon a Tea Room here in Cheltenham.

Getting my Vaccine

Following on from mentioning the vaccine above the last thing that I am looking forward to is getting my covid vaccine. It has never been a doubt in my mind about getting it and essentially me getting it means that I am not only taking the steps to protecting myself, but to also protect those around me. I keep joking that I will no doubt be getting my dose around my birthday so that will be a great birthday present (lol).

What things are you looking forward to after lockdown?