Did I Succeed with My No Buy April Plans?

If you saw my recent No Buy April Plans post then you will know that through the last month I have been embarking on a No Buy Month in order to try to save some money to put towards my car insurance, MOT and tax, all of which are due at the same time (ugh). As promised I am back to give you an update as to whether I succeeded with my no buy April plans and what my savings plans are going forward!

no buy april

Did I succeed with my no buy April Plans?

In short, no. No I didn’t quite succeed in sticking fully to my no buy April plans but in the same breathe I still tried my best and restrained on buying quite a few things, and I still saved a good amount of money through April to put towards my car insurance of which I have just paid for. When I compare this no buy month to the one I did this time last year, times are just completely different. This time last year we had just gone into lockdown, whereas this year we are just coming out of lockdown and of course there were going to be some social plans that I just wasn’t going to say no to. I did also treat myself a little through April. I mean I couldn’t not with Primark re-opening, but I was very restraint and returned a few things that I just didn’t need and wouldn’t wear. Enough of the excuses, let’s get into the numbers and go through what I spent and what I saved!

What I Spent and What I Saved

Food & Takeaways: £48.98

Clothes (aka Primark purchases): £112.49

Total: £161.47

Help to Buy ISA: +£200

General Savings Account: +£212

Total: £412

So as you can see, I did spend a little bit of money on seeing friends and treating myself but all in all I didn’t spend that much. I also managed to save a decent amount for me, considering the last few months I haven’t been putting any money into my help to buy ISA what so ever.

What’s next?

As I mentioned in my No Buy April Plans post, I said that I will no doubt be continuing my no buy month into May and I am 100% going to be doing this because I have my car MOT and potentially service to pay for at the end of May. However I am going to continue with the same attitude as I did through April in the sense that I am going to restrain myself from buying unnecessary  things, but if plans crop up with friends or I decide I want to treat myself then I am not going to say no.

Have you embarked on a no buy month? How did you find it?