Let’s Catch Up

It’s been a short while hasn’t it since I updated this little space of the internet. A short hiatus if you will whilst I have been finding my feet and figuring out what I want to do with the old blog of mine. I thought I’d hop on so we can have a catch up and share a few updates with you as a few things have changed within my life outside of blogging and I thought it would be odd to just come back with some random beauty/lifestyle post without addressing my short absence.

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Let’s catch up after my small blog hiatus!

I’ve Moved.. again!

If you’ve been reading my blog for sometime then you will have no doubt read my blog post where I updated you all that I had moved out of my parents and into a house share in Cheltenham. Well I’ve moved again, but this time I have moved back to my roots in Worcester and into another house share with the most lovely and sociable bunch of people that you could ask for. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved the ten months that I lived in Cheltenham and it gave me the freedom that I have craved for many years, but living there all in all was pointless as I was commuting through Worcester on a daily basis to my new job that I started back in March, and was wasting a lot of money in fuel in the process. I’ve been back in Worcester now for just over two weeks and already I am so settled, and so so happy to be back in my hometown and near my family and friends!

I’ve Passed My Job Probation

Another bit of really exciting news is that I have passed my three month probation at my new (?) job and I am nearing the five month mark since starting what I would call my dream job back in March. After what can only be described as a crap year for everyone, I feel like 2021 is really making up for lost time! I have honestly never been happier in terms of my job/career path and I can hand on heart say that moving on from my previous job role is one of the best decisions I have made in a long while. I will always be so thankful and humble for the experience and knowledge I gained in my previous role, but like all good things they do come to and end, and you don’t grow unless you spread your wings!

My Beauty Ban is Going Well

In one my last blog posts I discussed that through the remainder of this year that I wanted to shop my stash of beauty products whilst also putting myself on a spending ban from buying new beauty products (with some exceptions of course) and I’m pleased to report that this is still going strong! I am going to do an update on this at some point, but I don’t know if an old style ’empties’ post is something that people will read? Instead I’m thinking of doing a mid year beauty favourites to discuss some of the products I have used up from the original ten products I chose and some others that I have on the go!

So that is my little life update/catch up! Nothing major major, but some exciting things that have happened recently that have been occupying my time outside of blogging.

Has anything exciting happened in your lives recently?